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Zytenz 2 Reviews

Grade: F (Severe Risk)

Zytenz claims to flush away performance anxiety, make you feel confident again, and give you longer, more intense sex than you would have without this product. It’s also labeled as a sexual enhancer.
Unfortunately, these claims are mostly vague sexual health benefits and not anything that would be immediately noticeable. Perhaps the only claim that could be measured with any integrity is the one where Zytenz will allow you to have better, longer, and more pleasurable sex.
This claim, too, was not seen to be obtained after significant lengths of time using this product. Customers have also reported similar findings, where they complain about wasting money on a product that has shown no effects on the sexual health system.
In addition, none of the claims presented by Zytenz have been clinically tested, nor have they been lab tested to ensure that it actually does what it says it does.

Zytenz Uses a Veil of Secrecy to Dupe Consumers Into Buying it

On Zytenz’s official website, there is absolutely no science given for the ingredients listed on the label. The ingredients the company chose for Zytenz seem to have been chosen at random, as there is no evidence for the effectiveness of these ingredients on the sexual health of men.
The only ingredients that could help men with sexual health issues are Maca Root and Zinc, both of which are offered at incredibly low doses, rendering them essentially useless.
Zytenz uses a veil of secrecy to trick consumers into buying this product to help them with their sexual health needs. By offering minimal information and vague benefits that are impossible to measure, Zytenz is hoping consumers will only look at the above-average packaging and flashy graphics when making a decision to purchase.
Zytenz May Make You Sick if You Use it Regularly
Customers who purchased several months worth of Zytenz have reported sometimes severe side-effects like nausea, diarrhea, headaches, malaise, and upset stomach. These symptoms were exacerbated by consumers taking this product on an empty stomach.
These side-effects that were not mentioned by the company have caused consumers to become angry and voice their opinions on various review websites, calling the product a SCAM and RIP-OFF.
These same customers have also expressed deep regret in purchasing Zytenz due to its lack of effectiveness in any sexual health areas, as well as the exorbitant price the company charges for Zytenz.
Due to the widespread reports of Zytenz causing negative side-effects that weren’t brought up by the company, the safety of this product is in question. We cannot recommend that consumers take this product, as it seems to be rather unsafe to use for even a limited amount of time.


Claims: Zytenz claims to increase your confidence, remove performance anxiety from sexual encounters, as well as make sex better, longer, and more pleasurable.
Reality: These claims are not true. There have been 0 reports of this product doing what it claims it does, and the high price makes it seem as though the company is looking to take advantage of consumers.

Grade: F (Severe Risk)

We cannot recommend that consumers use this product. Its effects have not been substantiated, nor have there been any clinical trials to back up the claims made by the company.
The ingredients used in Zytenz are not effective in increasing the sexual health in men.
In addition, due to the reports of sometimes serious side-effects, the safety of this product is in question.

What We Recommend

We recommend that consumers use Fck Forever to increase their confidence, have better, longer, more pleasurable sex, and decrease their performance anxiety.
The ingredients in Fck Forever have been proven to do all of the above, and have been clinically tested to show that they, in fact, substantially increase the sexual health in men.
We highly recommend that men use Fck Forever to achieve these sexual health goals. Maximum results are seen within 3-6 weeks of regular usage.


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