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Your Blood Pressure and Your Diet–How Are the Two Linked?

Heart disease is the greatest threat to our health whether we are rich or poor, live in the United States or live in India. Leading cause of death worldwide is heart disease and diseases related to the poor functioning of our cardiovascular system.

This is a problem that many people have been aware of for a long time, however many of us not only avoid doing what we need to do to solve the issue we ignore that we have a problem altogether. While it is estimated that at least 1/3 all people in United States have high blood pressure many people do not regularly visit the doctor and thus these numbers are believed to be higher than what is reported.

While exercise, genetics to an extent and other factors do influence the health of our heart, by and large our diet and the supplements we take can have the greatest impact on our heart health.

Power Foods to Lower Blood Pressure

Olive Oil

Traditionally we were told that that’s where bad for the health of our heart and cardiovascular system as it was believed that all fat cause the buildup of plaque and the thickening of blood which is responsible for strokes, the hardening of the arteries and other forms of heart disease.

More recently however we have learn that’s not all facts are equal and by and large plant based fats are going to be more healthy for us as opposed to animal based fats.

Olive oil as a better fat profile than animal fats, as it contains more of the healthy mono and polyunsaturated fats which have shown to be beneficial for the health of our heart.

Dark Chocolate

This is another popular food item that is commonly associated with lowering blood pressure however is one that is very commonly misused. This has to do with the addition of sugar to many chocolate products, which in many cases cancels out the benefits the chocolate itself provides.

This is why it is so important to make sure that when you’re looking to the chocolate benefit your heart that you choose products that contain at least 80% cocoa or more as these are the products that are going to provide you with the most benefit.

Flax Seeds

Seeds in general are going to be foods you want to be eating more of two lower your blood pressure, as they contain plenty of healthy omega 3 fatty acids which helped to reduce levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol, and Trans fats.
Flax seeds in particular are seeds you want to be eating because not only can they help reduce your blood pressure and potential damage down the line, they have shown the ability to help reverse some of the damage that has already been done.

In particular they shun the ability to reduce blood pressure patients were suffering from peripheral artery disease where the patient suffers from the buildup of calcium in fat deposits along the walls of the blood vessels.
This ability has been confirmed in multiple studies giving us a good amount of evidence that flax seeds are definitely beneficial in improving the health of our heart.

Supplements Can Help Make Up the Difference

Supplements are another thing that can make a huge impact on your heart health and health as a whole. Many of us don’t eat the foods we should be eating and are missing out on a large portion of the nutrients we should be getting from our diet.

Eating the proper foods is definitely a great start to get down the path of good health, however food availability, convenience, and other factors come into play which can prevent us from getting all of these nutrients that we should be from our diet.

An excellent alternative here is to take a supplement which can provide us with these same nutrients and in most cases in a concentrated form. This provides us with what we’re missing out on and in a greater quantity which can accelerate the health benefits that we see.

Blood Pressure Reducer 1000 is one example of an excellent supplement manufactured by a leader in this industry. It will provide you with the ingredients necessary to reduce your blood pressure and improve blood circulation, and does so through natural means.


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