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Xtreme Nitro Review – What you need to know

Xtreme Nitro Review – What you need to know

All you need to know about Xtreme Nitro


What if I told you that you can burn fat, build muscle, and boost your muscle all at the same time? You’d probably think I’m crazy, but there’s an actual product in the market that promises to do it all. Xtreme Nitro is a muscle-building supplement / fat burner / male enhancement supplement all rolled into one giant pill of awesomeness.

Xtreme Nitro a product that transcends to different areas in supplement nutrition. Arguably, fat burners, muscle-builders, and male enhancement supplements all cross paths with certain ingredients. Some genius behind XtremeNitro’s formula probably thought that it would be smart to just take the ingredients where all the other markets intersect and proclaim a supreme product that can do it all. In this review, we’ll see if Xtreme Nitro really has what it takes to be effective.


Xtreme Nitro relies on a core group of ingredients to create its all-in-one formula:

L-Arginine – a vasodilator that is responsible for allowing more blood to flow through the blood vessels. It is a precursor to NO, which opens up your blood vessels, allowing more blood and more nutrients to pass through. L-Arginine is one of the few ingredients proven to improve the quality of erections.

Chromium – a metabolic booster that kick-starts the metabolism of sugar and helps reduce fat.

Yohimbine HCL – an extract that greatly improves nitric oxide levels in the blood. Just like L-Arginine, Yohimbe acts by dilating the blood vessels, allowing more blood to pass through.

Green Tea Extract – the formula’s sole fat burning component, which acts as antioxidant, energy booster, and nootropic to enhance focus.


Even though Xtreme Nitro has only 4 active ingredients, Xtreme Nitro still sticks to its claims that it can be a fat burner, a muscle builder, and a male enhancement supplement. According to reports, there’s evidence that the muscle-building arm of Xtreme Nitro has seen some positive effects on its users. A certain level of vascularity is important to ensure that your muscles are thoroughly nourished throughout the day.

As a fat burner, Xtreme Nitro appears to have been tamed a bit. Out of all the 4 ingredients of the formula, the Coffee bean extract was the only ingredient that the users didn’t feel. It may be a small chink in the armor of Xtreme Nitro, but that means that Xtreme Nitro isn’t as effective as they say it is.

As a male enhancement supplement, Xtreme Nitro fared okay. Users felt a slight increase in their libido, as well as an increase in sexual stamina.


Xtreme Nitro could have been a solid new product if it hadn’t been for the outrageous claims that XtremeNitro’s think tank makes. Xtreme Nitro could indeed perform well. It’s not the best muscle building supplement out there, but it’s a close top 5.

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