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Xantrin Reviews

Grade: D (Moderate Risk)

Xantrin is a male enhancement cream that claims to increase serotonin levels and libido.
Our study focused on both the effectiveness of Xantrin and the benefit of taking Xantrin in conjunction with a natural male enhancement pill.
We found this product to be extremely interesting. Xantrin is an unusual medication because it’s used in the treatment of two separate disorders: depression and low libido. Most male enhancement products focus only on increasing libido and penis size.
Could Xantrin really be an effective treatment for both depression and low libido?


Xantrin is a clear odorless cream used in treating low libido and the depression associated with poor male sexual performance. Rumors circulate that Xantrin is actually a generic knockoff of a cream being developed by team of pharmaceutical scientists in Asia. SS Cream is a male enhancement cream that has never been introduced on the global product. The crucial issue with prior stated information is that few tests and clinical studies have been done of the safety and effectiveness of Xantrin. The ingredient list for Xantrin includes L-Tyrosine, Dimethylaminoethanol (DMEA), Xanthoparmeila Scabrosa, and Butea Superba. The natural ingredients used in Xantrin are effective in treating low libido. Yet, Xantrin contain no ingredients proven to increase serotonin levels and treat depression. Xantrin is actually a moderately effective male enhancement cream for increasing libido. However, the advertisements for Xantrin are only slightly true and very misleading. Increased libido and performance could potentially be effective in treating male depression. In other words, any moderately effective male enhancement product could potentially help treat depression.

The Bottom Line

We would only recommend the use of Xantrin with extreme caution. Xantrin is a moderately effective male enhancement cream that lacks credibility; the manufactures of Xantrin are lying about the use and effectiveness of their supplement. Our recommendation would be to invest in a higher quality male enhancement products for optimal results that will increase libido while reducing your depression

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