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Will Dermaxsol Quench Your Thirsty Skin?

by healthymensinfo
Will Dermaxsol Quench Your Thirsty Skin?

Dermaxsol is a moisturizer that provides hydration and protects against the sun’s harmful rays every single day. Solvaderm, a leader in skin care has launched this product as a part of their innovative and revolutionary pharmaceutical grade line of products. The company excels at creating products backed by tons of lab research conducted by real skin doctors. The studies and information provided on the company’s website makes them one of the most transparent skin care companies to date. They also offer free skincare consultations on their website, which also helps put them a notch above, providing around the clock client care.All of Solvaderm’s products have such intensive clinical studies and offer all of the resources if you are down to read them, to prove their line is legit. Dermaxsol is part of their protection program. They designed the lotion to be non-greasy, fast absorbing, and easy to apply makeup over. It is a powerful SPF 30 that is water proof. Seriously, one application in the morning should do it all day.

How to use Dermaxsol:

It is recommended by Solvaderm that you use their total skin care system to see best results, but of course we all are guilty of mixing and matching. Before applying be sure to clean your face using either Solvaderm’s cleanser or a drug store brand, use toner if you feel so inclined, rub in a nickel-sized amount of product to give the face and neck full coverage, and apply makeup.

Dermaxsol Active Ingredients

Skin care productDermaxsol has a combination of several ingredients to provide sun protection without drying out the skin or leaving you greasy. The formula has ingredients designed to give a hydrated matte finish on the face.

The main ingredients include Aloe Barbadensis Leaf which prevents redness and soothes the skin, aloe also has a proven track record of helping to heal the skin quickly. Sunflower seed oil is an added moisturizer that leaves skin feeling soft and luxurious. Safflower seed oil also helps the skin lock in moisture. Despite glycerin being on the ingredient list, it is derived form a non-drying alochol compound. Lastly, Vitamin E helps to heal the skin and fade out old scars and uneven skin tone while hydrating.

Why Dermaxsol is a must have..

Ingredients of Dermaxsol

Without a daily moisturizer it is hard to keep your skin hydrated while preventing aging. Many users buy separate super expensive products once it is too late to try and reverse aging. It is important to get a daily moisturizer with SPF now, rather than later. Dermaxsol is a great choice because unlike drug store brands it has SPF 30, whereas most only have SPF 15 max. It is also difficult to apply makeup over those other brands which deters users from applying daily. Solvaderm is priced really well considering all the research that goes into each product and the really beautiful packaging design makes it looks like one of those $70 face creams. I would definitely purchase this product, especially because it has a 60-day money back guarantee if you find the product doesn’t work for you.

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