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Why You Should Start Eating Asparagus Now

by healthymensinfo

When people decide to become healthier in their lifestyle, one of the things being done is incorporating more vegetables into their diet. When it comes to trying out new veggies, there are those that are healthier than the others. Asparagus is one of the vegetables that are often ignored, but it’s also one of the best vegetables your body can have. Its health benefits are way more in quantity than its disadvantages, supporting every part of your body.

Here’s how asparagus can improve your health tremendously:

1. It’s loaded with fiber

Why You Should Start Eating Asparagus NowIf your bowel movement isn’t regular, you’ll want to start considering how your food choices impact your digestive system. When it comes to regularity, fiber is the best way to go. While beans are claimed as the greatest selection for making sure that your bowel movements are regular, asparagus also deserves to be at the top of the list for its high content of fiber.

As a matter of fact, fiber is what makes up most of this vegetable. When you have sufficient fiber in your body, your digestive system will function with efficacy, allowing you to absorb all nutrients and get rid of the waste from your body.

Aside from its rich fiber, asparagus also has asparagine, which is an amino acid that works as a diuretic, making your urination also regular. By urinating more, you’re eliminating excess salt in the body, making sure that your organs aren’t in any danger. To eliminate a significant amount of salt from your body, eat asparagus every day.

2. It’s good for weight loss

Losing weight is no easy task. You thought eating fewer calories is enough to shed pounds, but it’s not. Good thing is that there are certain foods that can help you lose weight. One is asparagus. It already helps with weight loss by helping the body eliminate excess fluid as mentioned earlier. This is because one of the reasons why people weigh more is due to water retention. But this isn’t the only benefit as far as weight loss is concerned.

Asparagus also only contains three calories each yet they can make you feel full and satiated. When you’ve eaten a meal containing this vegetable, you’re so satisfied you won’t have extra room for desserts. This satiation comes from fiber that comprises the whole of the vegetable. It will also break down gradually over the course of the day, helping you feel full for a longer period of time.

By eating low-calorie yet filling foods, it will be easier for you to make a calorie deficit. You won’t even notice that you’re not consuming as many calories as you used to, so it won’t give you the feeling that you’re being deprived. This helps you to be content and happy with your new diet so that the likelihood that you’ll stick with it is pretty high.

3. It’s naturally organic

Even fruits and vegetables can be made less nutritious and even detrimental to our health courtesy of pesticides and other chemicals. But asparagus is an exception as it is naturally organic. That means you can purchase it anywhere without being worried about pesticides and other chemicals involved while it was being grown.

This is because this vegetable doesn’t absorb pesticides even if you use such chemicals on them. Hence, asparagus is one of the Clean 15 foods. This is definitely good news if you want to consume more organic food items to sustain you and your family’s health without being agonized by the costs. While organic foods are super healthy, they’re also expensive.

4. It makes your gut healthier

Why You Should Start Eating Asparagus NowAsparagus also contains good bacteria, which can promote a healthy gut. By having more good bacteria in the system, your stomach is further strengthened as its absorption rate of other nutrients improves. Plus, good bacteria are valuable when it comes to the enhancement of the digestive system’s functions, as well as the improvement of the immunity.

While you can obtain more good bacteria by eating probiotics, it can be an issue if you don’t eat dairy. This is where asparagus comes into the picture. Furthermore, this vegetable contains a carbohydrate called Inulin. This aids in the promotion and facilitation of the growth of good bacteria in the gut. When you have adequate Inulin in the body, there’s no way that the bad bacteria can overwhelm the good ones. So, keep the asparagus coming.

5. It’s loaded with nutrients for overall health

Aside from the aforementioned benefits, this wonder vegetable is also rich in vitamins A, C, and K. It also has lots of folate and chromium. Chromium, for one, is a vital mineral that people aren’t really very familiar with. This mineral augments the insulin’s power.

As a result, glucose is eradicated from all cells within the body. While everyone will find this helpful, it is especially more useful for people who suffer from diabetes as they’re the ones who struggle with insulin resistance and high blood sugar problems.

Also, the presence of folate in asparagus can help support your nervous system. This is because folate helps to increase the connections within the brain, as well as support brain development as a whole. All the vitamins in this vegetable are also essential for making sure that the body’s immune system and general health are shielded.

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