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Why Should You Drink More Water?

by Healthy Mens Info Staff
a pitcher of cold water poured on glass

The benefits of drinking more water each day are outstanding.


Drinking more water each day can help you:

  • Eat less calories
  • Take in less saturated fat
  • Consume less sugar
  • Rid your body of extra sodium
  • Keep a healthy cholesterol level


And, all of this can happen by increasing your water intake by a minimum of 1% daily. Imagine what our bodies would experience if we increased our intake to 50% more, or even 100% more.

But, you have to keep in mind that increasing our water intake tenfold is healthy, but it can’t be done by lounging around the house and watching television all day. You still have to keep up eating healthy and exercising regularly to have all the benefits listed above.

Before we go into the details of why drinking more water is highly beneficial to our bodies, I must raise one particular fact. Our bodies excrete water at an alarming rate, through urinating, sweating, breathing, etc. We must replenish our bodies to refrain from being dehydrated, and the only way to do that is to take in adequate amounts of water each day. To add, in certain circumstances our bodies rid themselves of water quicker, such as in higher temperatures, while doing exhilarating exercises, and in higher altitudes.

So, what are some valid reasons why we should drink water more frequently?

Water helps balance body fluids.

Our bodies contain more than 50% water. Water helps with almost every process in the body, such as digestion, circulation, transportation, urination, creating saliva, and maintaining a healthy body temperature. For example, when all the liquids are being processed through your bodily organs, your brain tells your kidneys what amount of water to hang on to in order to maintain a good balance of body fluids, and then it tells your kidneys what amount of water and/or liquids to rid the body of.

Also, when you’re thirsty, your brain sends out signals to make sure your body understands it needs a drink. The best drink to hydrate your body, to balance your body fluids, to make you feel refreshed, and to get rid of that thirst feeling, is water. In addition, when you’re drinking alcohol, or when you’re hungover, it would be in your best interest to load up on water, the #1 hydration drink.

Water can help cut calories.

fit and healthy woman drinking lots of water with fruitsWater can actually help with weight loss, believe it or not. You must be wondering how water does this. Well, it does this simply by replacing whatever other drink you were going to drink. In other words, instead of having soda or juice, that’s filled with calories, for dinner, grab a bottle of water, filled with zero calories.

In addition, many physicians and researchers will recommend that people trying to cut calories should eat foods high in water. Such foods consist of fruits, vegetables, soup, oatmeal, and beans. These are also some of the most filling, nutrient-based foods that will leave you feeling full.

Water gives your muscles energy.

Muscles need energy to perform the right way. And, muscles need the correct amount of fluids to build and grow. If they don’t have the adequate amount of water and/or fluids, they will tire easily, or become fatigued. In turn, they will suffer at their normal, every day routines.

Drinking water during exercises is vital for the body, too. There’s a recommended amount of water to drink before, and a recommended amount of water to drink after, any exercising, workouts, or sports related activity. Visit The American College of Sports Medicine for this information. Keep in mind, while working out or doing any of the previously listed exercises, your body is sweating out a large amount of your fluid intake. You need to replenish this with the best hydration method: water. Dehydrated body and muscles are no fun to deal with.

Water helps clear skin.

Your body is filled with water, so is your skin. Your skin actually tries its hardest to stop necessary fluids from leaving the body. So, over hydration will allow your skin to be hydrated and less wrinkled, with an added bonus of clearing up acne (if you have any).

In addition, to have the ultimate hydration of the skin, use a daily moisturizer. Your skin will be looking as healthy as can be!

Water aids your kidneys.

healthy kidney by drinking water surrounded by hands forming heartYour kidneys are the organs that help excrete harmful fluids through your urine. With an adequate amount of water, your kidneys are able to rid the body of all that extra junk faster. And don’t worry if you’re going to the bathroom every two hours from drinking so much water. I do, too. But keep in mind, urinating this often is actually healthy for you. Getting rid of that junk through urination will leave your skin healthier, due to the fact that the skin will not be secreting as many oils, they’ll already be gone.

Another neat fact: If your urine is closer to the color of water and free of odor, versus a strong yellow color and stench, that means your kidneys are doing A-Ok. That water is really doing it’s job right. And, drinking a ton of water will prevent the likelihood of getting a kidney stone, which is something you definitely don’t want.

Water aids in normal bowel movements.

Water allows our bodies to keep liquids and foods flowing through the gastrointestinal system. And let’s be honest, not being constipated is something to strive for (mainly because constipation hurts like hell). For example, when you aren’t hydrated enough, your body tends to pull water from stools, therefore making your stools hard to come out. If you drink enough water, your stools are likely to slip out, and no, I don’t mean in the form of diarrhea. All I mean is that they won’t cause you any trouble or pain when you finally have to go. Add some fiber-filled foods in there and you’ll be all set to go.


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