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Why it is Important to Have a Balanced Sex Life

by healthymensinfo

Some of us may battle with getting in the mood on different occasions to that of our partners. Sometimes we may feel as though we have missed an opportunity and other times we may just feel downright frustrated.

If you feel like you are always missing each other, this can destroy a relationship if left unspoken or without action.

When one is ‘up for it’ – but the other isn’t

While you might feel rocking and ready, she may just feel tired and uninterested. Are you really to expect her to perform and serve you – a quick over and done with type situation? Doesn’t that mean you are getting the action and then it’s time to hit the hay?

But wait! What about her?

“What about her?” Listen carefully . . .

What about when she wants some action? Do you attend to her needs?
It can be hit and miss at times when it comes down to ‘being in the mood for love.’ The bottom line is –  each individual has needs, so how do you ensure that you both get what you want when you want it? Maybe it is time to consider using natural enhancements.

Do you ensure that your loved one is also satisfied? When was the last time you sexually pleasured just her as opposed to just you?

If your woman is obviously angry most of the day and you are wondering to yourself ‘Why?’ – try and remember a little further back than this morning.

The night before

1Because wouldn’t you feel annoyed if you didn’t get your end away every once in a while? It is the same for women.

Once you realise that your wife went all out and made sure she gave you a good time and then went to sleep but woke up the next day on the wrong side of the bed – maybe you need to consider showing her a little love and appreciation. Returning the favour is vital.

Just because you woke up feeling fresh after a pleasant night’s sleep as a result of you achieving an orgasm right before, perhaps look over at your lady and see if she woke up feeling ready for hers.

Is masturbation the answer?

It is highly unlikely that individual masturbation – (without your partner’s involvement), will solve the situation. In fact, more often than not, this can result in making matters much worse.

When thinking about it logically, self-satisfaction may improve things for you slightly, but where does that leave the other half – left lingering in the world of missing out? (Unless, of course, she is the one encouraging you) Now this is a total game changer!

Having no boundaries

If you are both comfortable with each other and care about one another’s sexual well-being, then you may find it easy to let go of the taboo and allow your missus to express her needs and play with herself.

There are times when we all need to relieve a little stress, and it may not synchronise correctly (or as we would prefer) as we get older.

Therefore, if she has a toy or even just a way of pleasuring herself that can lead to orgasm without you putting in the energy and she is willing – there are several benefits to giving permission for this to happen.

The advantages of permitting observed masturbation

  • She is less likely to go and find someone else to do the job and understand that you are trying to come round.
  • You are likely to learn more and explore what it is that your woman enjoys by watching.
  • It is likely that this can solve the issue and arouse you enough to participate.

Going solo can offend your partner

Be warned that if you do not discuss your problems and persist in taking the matter into your own hands (see what I did there?)  There can be devastating consequences.

How a woman feels . . .


waking up to find you masturbating on your own.

You may be one of the lucky ones whose women may let this and simply ask to partake. However, a lot of women will find this strange and wonder what the hell she did wrong for you to go ahead without her. They may think it is selfish of you to endure pleasure without her. There are female supplements that can help boost her libido.

Most women would respond with:


As a result, she may wind up feeling pretty insecure and in a worst case scenario the relationship may come to an end completely.

Why communicating about sex is crucial

If you cannot manage to explain to your partner about how you feel then maybe she should not be your partner! Or perhaps you have an issue with pride.

Either way, if there is ever situation then how is she to know and understand it?

What are other options to ensure we are equal?

So, the last thing you guys want is for this scenario, to pan out too much. It is crucial to a relationship to ensure intimacy between you and have that ‘together action’ and not just to always wind up playing solo.

Try using supplements!

It’s true that enhancement pills can assist the sexual desires for both men and women. Perhaps you both might start to consider incorporating natural herbs into your daily healthy lifestyle? There is seriously no harm in doing so!

It beats paying a therapist or receiving prescribed meds from the doctor. Give it a try – click here to see a list of available products and their reviews.

Last resort

If this continues to happen despite negotiating extra foreplay, taking natural enhancement supplements while keeping fit and healthy and keeping up with communication about how you both feel, then perhaps there is a bigger problem at hand?

Maybe you need to reconsider your relationship or seek expert advice. There may be underlying health issues that need to be diagnosed.

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