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Why Can’t I Lose Weight with My Diet? 

Why Can't I Lose Weight with My Diet?

The truth is that dieting alone, for the most part, isn’t enough to lose a significant amount of weight for most people. While limiting your caloric intake and watching what foods you eat is excellent for your overall health, it may not be enough to see dramatic weight loss.

Everyone is different, though. What works for one person may not work for someone else. Metabolisms are all different, and each body contains different mechanisms that shed fat faster than others.

Fortunately, there are ways that universally help you lose weight no matter what your body type is.

So why can’t you lose weight with your diet alone?

A Diet Cannot Teach You How to Be Lean

Most people on a diet aren’t necessarily desperate to lose weight, they’re just doing them as a temporary rush to do something new to change their body.

It takes time, patience, and dedication to lose weight and keep it off, and this is unfortunately lacking in a lot of people who turn to diets to lose weight.

Call it lack of motivation or simply laziness, but this is the hard truth.

In order to make your diet work, you need to look deep down and say “I will stick to this diet, and I will not deviate from my path of losing weight.”

Looking at a nice piece of cake and ignoring it can be tough, but if you want a better body, you need to do it.

You’re Not Using Helpful Supplements to Speed Up the Process

Without weight loss supplements, you’re effectively slowing down your progress by up to 200%.

Studies have shown that people who diet AND use weight loss supplements at the same time have lost weight 50% faster than those who just dieted alone.

Our highest rated and most effective supplements are:

  • LipoGenix Elite
  • GarciniaX
  • Flat Belly

These products have seen the highest ratings from our users, as well as users from around the world.

You’re Not Taking Your Workout Seriously Enough

In order to lose the most weight, you need to incorporate a great workout routine with your diet, otherwise you’re losing one major mechanism to lose weight.

One session at the gym could burn 500 calories or more, allowing you to shed perhaps an extra 2 pounds of fat PER WEEK!

With diet alone, you might see 1 pound lost. With diet and exercise, you may see 3 pounds lost.

This will allow you to get to your goals faster. You’re losing weight 300% faster!


So with a good weight loss supplement, a good diet, and a good workout routine, you’ll have a sexy body in a matter of months.

Don’t delay!


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