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When to Dump Your Girlfriend or Wife and Move On 

by healthymensinfo

Men are creatures who like to move from woman to woman in search of the perfect one, and even then they might not be satisfied. It’s in their primal nature to have multiple partners, and we weren’t meant to actually settle down and have one partner.

But in our society, this has become the norm: finding a sole partner to spend the rest of your life with, even when your primal urges tell you to keep banging other girls.

But when is it time to finally call it quits and dump your girlfriend or wife? Are there signs that make it obvious?

You would know better than anyone else whether it’s working out or not, but these are some of the obvious signs that should tell you it’s time to find another mate:

#1 – You Guys Fight Every Day

If you two are fighting every day and never have a moment’s peace, this is one of the signs I was talking about.

Not only does fighting all the time mean you two have your fair share of differences, but it’s these differences that are causing you to fight. You two obviously have your own ways of doing things, and the opposing views are driving you guys mad.

If you find yourself separated from your partner often, or in another room trying to cool down while doing your own thing, this could be one of the biggest reasons for you to leave.

#2 – Sex Has Dried Up

It’s a running joke in the world that, once you get married, the sex stops almost completely. This usually happens because having sex with the same person over and over again gets boring, but it often happens because the level of attraction has drifted apart.

That awesome feeling you had at the beginning of the relationship has gone away completely, and you probably often have thoughts of having sex other people.

In addition, if you’re having sex only a few times per year, this is a huge sign that your relationship cycle is done for.

#3 – You Two Don’t Do Anything Anymore

You need to leave your comfort zone and explore your surroundings to be healthy. If you’re just sitting around and doing nothing, this is a sign of depression and “stuck in a rut” syndrome.

The mundane day-to-day life has gotten old for you, and you’re just finding yourself coming home from work and sitting on the couch.

This isn’t all your fault, it’s actually because you dread doing things with your spouse. It’s because you guys fight in public a lot, and can’t have fun this way.

If all of this sounds like you, it’s time to move on.

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