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What Women Love About Anal Sex (And Hate!) 

by healthymensinfo
What Women Love About Anal Sex (And Hate!)

Having regular vaginal sex is pretty amazing. It feels good for all parties involved, and it’s the natural sex hole for which the penis goes into.

The vagina lubricates itself, stretches to accommodate the penis, and has plenty of pleasure receptors that a women could like. It’s also the perfect sensation for the male penis.

But when you get sort of tired of this or want to be a little kinky and try something new, this is where anal sex comes into play. Some people just prefer to be a little naughty in the bedroom, and anal sex is the next natural progression in this direction.

But be warned: anal sex isn’t the same as vaginal sex for many reasons. Some of them are good for the girl (and man), and some of them are not so good for the girl (and also the man).

Here are the pros of anal sex for the girl:

It Feels Great!

Like the vagina, the anus has pleasure receptors in it. This is also why it feels good in a weird way when you take a dump in the morning. It’s because the fecal matter is passing by these pleasurable areas.

The same goes for when the penis goes into the anus. It feels good, unless you’re going in dry and pounding away like your life depended on it.

As long as you take it easy at first and get her warmed up with plenty of lube, you’ll be good.

It’s Naughty

Girls love to be naughty and do things new for their man. Anal sex is certainly one way to be a naughty girl in the bedroom, and this is a huge turn on for dudes.

After doing this once or twice, the girl will be much more desirable than before, and it’s all because the guy knows you’re open to trying new things.

Here are the cons of anal sex:

It Can Be Messy

Yes, if the girl hasn’t emptied her bowels recently or is more sensitive to insertion, it can lead to a bowel movement. And this can be gross and smelly.

After this, you might not be so thrilled about doing this again.

It Can Hurt the Girl

If you go in dry and do use enough lube, as well as pound hard too soon, you’ll make it hurt a lot for her.

It’s best to take it easy for a few minutes.

So there you go! Have some anal sex, but be careful, will ya?

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