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What Can I Do to Have More One-Night Stands? 

What Can I Do to Have More One-Night Stands?

Having a one-night stand is an art. It takes a lot of effort to make a girl you just met have sex with you.

I’ll be honest: it won’t happen a lot of the time. Most of the time, a girl is out having fun with her girlfriends and just wants to dance and have a good time.

It’s up to you to realize when you’re wasting your time and to realize when a girl is open to having a good time at your place after the fun at the bar is over.

But if you’re looking to increase your odds of having an awesome one-night stand with a hot chick you just met, these tips will save your life:

If You Want More One-Night Stands, Wear a Good Cologne

When you’re in a sea of people with not much to make you stand out, you need all the help you can get.

Girls can definitely see you, so it helps when you look good. But a lot of the time, they operate off of smell, because you often can’t talk.

That’s where awesome cologne comes in. If you have Fierce or Light Blue By Dolce and Gabbana, you’re in luck. These are the two highest rated colognes out there, and give you the best chance at being detected by a passing female.

Without cologne, they’ll just walk right by you without a care in the world.

If You Want More One-Night Stands, You Need Better Clothes

You need a good fitting outfit to be able to stand out from the rest of the bozos at the bar. If you’re showing up with a lame long-sleeve shirt and jeans, you’re just going to look like everyone else there.

Being original helps, but keep it natural.

If you can shop for a great fitted dress shirt and a sport coat, you’re in business. Top it off with fitted jeans and some boat shoes, and you’re in the money.

This will give off the appearance of wealth, even if you’re a broke college student. Girls love money!

If You Want More One-Night Stands, You Need to Feel Confident

Not feeling confident? Try a male enhancement product to boost the old sexual health system.

You’ll feel like a bigger man when your testosterone is pumping, those male hormones are flowing, and your sex-drive is at maximum volume.

There are a ton of crappy products out there, so I’ll show you 3 of my favorites that have gotten me laid more times than I can count:

  1. Sexual Overdrive
  2. Formula 41 Extreme
  3. Libido Booster Extreme

With these guys by your side, you’re bound to get laid.


Conclusion? Get a good cologne, some nice clothes, and a good male enhancement product. That’s all you need to have lots and lots of sex.


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