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Weird Things that Turn Women On

by healthymensinfo

80% of arousal in women comes from the mind. What you say and do to her can have a huge effect on the whole process. Women think dirty thoughts just as much as you, and there are some key tactics that will get her wet every time.

1. Keep your clothes on

This one is a little strange, but it’s so hot when you keep your shirt on. Here’s why; women like feeling vulnerable in bed, and by keeping your clothes on, it makes her feel like she’s being dominated. Its kind of a trick of the mind. The contrast of her being completely naked and you being completely clothed will put her in a tizzy. So don’t rush to get undressed. Bonus points if you’re wearing a uniform or suit.

2. The good kind of stench

It might sound crazy, but women like it when you smell a little bit. I’m not talking about that awful B.O. you get after eating Indian food and then sweating at the gym for an hour. Definitely shower after that. It’s that middle ground kind of pleasant muskiness that women go crazy for. It’s the contrast thing again. You smell and she doesn’t, therefore she’s turned on by it.

3. Your itchy beard

As much as women like to complain about your stubble. They actually love it when it brushes against their skin. Her skin is soft and yours is rough and that’s a huge turn on. It will again, give her the feeling of being dominated, and that’s so hot.

4. Use a little force

Not every woman likes getting spanked or slapped and that’s something to be sensitive to. However, most women will enjoy being put into positions and will even playfully object until you use your brute force. When she’s lying on her back tell her “open you legs”, she will most likely object (in a playful way, not a scared, nervous way) and that’s your cue to force them open. This is assuming she has already consented to sex.

5. Tell her what you’re going to do to her

When you have her naked, this is the perfect time to tell what you’re going to do to her. It will get her head spinning and her pussy will be drenched. Tell her “I’m gonna make you nice and wet”, while you finger her. Before you go down on her, say something like “I’m gonna lick you’re pretty little pussy”. You’re basically narrating what you are doing before you do it. This is going to get her all riled up and will get her out of her head and calm any insecurities she may be experiencing.

6. Ditch the covers

Unless it’s freezing in the room, throw the covers off the bed. The idea of being on display is a major turn on for women. Bonus points if the blinds are open. The idea of accidentally being seen is just too much to handle.

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