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Want to Have Sex Longer? These Moves and Supplements will Help 

Want to Have Sex Longer? These Moves and Supplements will Help

If you’re like most men who fail to reach their potential in the bedroom in regards to sexual length, you’re looking for answers to your problem.

You don’t just want a bandage to put over your problem, you want a way or ways to fix it permanently. I mean, who would want to live a life where you finish too quickly every single time? Not me.

Rest easy, friends! There are ways to help with our issues, and they’re not as hard as you think. In fact, most of what I’m about to tell you is so easy to follow that you’ll be smacking yourself for not thinking of it yourself.

Here are some ways and supplements to help you have sex longer:

#1 – Use a Male Enhancement Supplement to Help You Last Longer

This is quickest, easiest, and most rewarding method for increasing your sexual duration. Nothing works as well as this method, which is why it’s listed first.

All you do is take a couple of pills each day, and poof! You’re cured! After using a really good male enhancement product to help with your lack of sexual duration, you’ll be permanently cured of this problem.

But with thousands of products out there, how can you choose one that works?

Well, after trying about a million different products, I’ve found 4 that work really well and are my favorites:

  1. Libido Booster Extreme
  2. Marathon Man Maca 1000
  3. Sexual Overdrive
  4. Formula 41 Extreme

#2 – Work On Your Core Strength

Most of the time, guys run out of energy or finish too quickly because they can’t have sex any longer than 5-10 minutes at a time.

This is because their core strength isn’t up the speed. This results in serious fatigue after just a short time. If you do a number of core exercises like crunches or hitting the ab machine, you’ll be in much better sexual shape.

#3 – Go With Doggystyle Most of the Time

This position is the most gratifying for both parties, and it also happens to be the easiest in terms of energy levels is concerned. Since you’re sitting up in a comfortable position, you’re able to have sex hard without having to use that much energy.

While you may only last 7 minutes in missionary position, going with doggystyle could add 15 minutes to your game right off the bat.


I hope these tips and supplements help as much as they’ve helped me. I use these supplements daily, and I practice core strength at least two days per week.

Give it a shot!


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