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Vydexafil Reviews

Grade: D

Vydexafil claims to make your penis longer and thicker, increase sexual desire, have sex longer, and give you harder erections, all with a 90-day money-back guarantee.
Unfortunately, customers have reported minimal to no effects whatsoever with Vydexafil. While Vydexafil has a very respectable list of ingredients on its packaging, it’s likely that these ingredients are sourced and processed with minimal attention to quality and potency.
The reason why the ingredients inside Vydexafil are so ineffective, despite being very effective in separate clinical trials, is because they are immaturely grown and are grown using low-quality base seed.
This lack of quality control and poor-quality base seed results in potency ratios of just 13:1, with the normal potency ratios in common male enhancement products being 20:1.
Our top-rated male enhancement products have potency ratios of between 200:1 and 400:1.
Given this comparison, Vydexafil has some of the weakest and most ineffective ingredients we’ve ever tested in a male enhancement product.

Vydexafil Uses its High Price to Trick People Into Thinking it Uses High-Quality Herbs

We’ve seen other companies use low-quality herbs to be able to offer their product for a very low price, thereby increasing market share and getting more people to buy it.
Vydexafil, on the other hand, is using a high price to attract customers who only buy premium male enhancement products, but is only using really cheap and poor-quality ingredients.
Ultimately, this is a very sneaky way of doing business in the male enhancement industry. Men think they’re buying a very premium product based on the price, but they’re getting a product that should have been priced at $10 or less.
This product costs $110 for a three-month supply. Very expensive, even for a product that works well.
Unfortunately, Vydexafil has only shown an increase of only 5% after 6 months in most men. 95% of men who tried Vydexafil noted increases of only 4%.
While sex-drive and libido increased variably, the penis saw minimal growth, if any at all.
Vydexafil May Source its Ingredients From Unfertile Land in Industrial Areas
Premium male enhancement products use extremely fertile land in eastern China or western Africa to achieve very high potency ratios in their herbs. These extremely high potency ratios are why the ingredients in effective male enhancement products combine so well and increase the sexual health in men so substantially.
Vydexafil may be using very infertile land in industrial areas of the world, causing the ingredients in their product to wither and barely mature to a point where the herb becomes effective.
This is mostly likely why the herbs inside Vydexafil test with only 13:1 potency ratios.
At the same time, you may be ingesting chemicals and other unnatural compounds due to the choice of land Vydexafil is using to grow their herbs.
Claims: Vydexafil claims to make your penis longer and fuller, make your erections harder, and increase your sexual desire.
Reality: Vydexafil uses low-quality ingredients that hardly enhance a man’s sexual health system. 98% of men who used this product only saw 5% increase in their sexual health areas after 6 months.
Grade: D
Due to the poor-quality ingredients used, lack of quality control, and ineffective processing methods, Vydexafil fails to be an effective male enhancement product.
The high price the company charges is obscene, and one could only guess this was done simply to give off the illusion that this product was a premium male enhancement item that would work.
The reality is that Vydexafil does not work that well, and men should look elsewhere for their male enhancement needs.

What We Recommend

We recommend that men use Fck Power to increase their sex-drive, erection hardness, and sexual desire. This product contains ingredients that have potency ratios of 250:1, meaning they’ll combine to give you the serious sexual health improvement that you desire.
Most men who used Fck Power for just 6 weeks saw 334% increases to their sexual desire, sex-drive, erection hardness, and even penis size.



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