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VPX Redline White Heat – Is it the best?

by healthymensinfo
VPX Redline White Heat – Is it the best?

Finding the energy to workout can be a nightmare and so supplements may become a wise and useful source to help you become motivated. The hard part is in deciding which one to buy – there are so many ingredients! Some of which you have probably never even heard of.

How can you be expected to purchase and consume something that you have a vague idea of what it is you are putting into your body?

We put together reviews of products so that you can sleep at night! If we offer you our knowledge of ingredients and breakdown contents within products this means that you are able to have a better understanding of what it is you are looking for when you have a specific goal that you wish to achieve. Let us help you make your decision!

What it does:

Dubbed ‘The Ultimate Pre-Workout Amplifier’ VPX Redline White Heat will increase energy levels like no other pre-workout supplement. It also says that it will give you a ‘laser-like focus.’


red line white heat-ingredients

With a high quantity of 400 mg caffeine per scoop, this product is mainly built up of stimulants. This amount of caffeine is, in fact, the recommended daily limit and so if you like your coffee – think again!

Other elements in this product include: three different types of Yohimbe, Hydroxypropyl, Distarch, Phosphate, Theacrine and Evodia.

Other Ingredients

Manufacturers sometimes like to pack out their products with fillers. This can generally be avoided but sadly this is the case for a lot of supplements that are on the market today.

This product also contains: Natural and Artificial Flavors, Malic Acid, Sucralean® brand Sucralose and Citric Acid Anhydrous.


For a month’s supply of forty full scoops you can purchase a tub at $35.69 – which isn’t the cheapest, but you can pick which flavor you like.

Unfortunately, this product on its own is not going to work wonders for building muscle and so they suggest that you purchase another one of their products to mix in which means that you end up spending even more money!

To conclude:

red line white heat-increase sexual performancePersonally, I would opt for a product like Xtreme Testosterone which avoids caffeine completely. The trouble is that with such a high quantity of caffeine within this product, you are bound to suffer side effects and this is completely unnecessary.

By using natural herbs including Horny Goat Weed and Tongkat Ali, Xtreme Testosterone has a number of benefits aside from boosting your energy. You will notice a difference to your libido and sexual performance too!

When the body has a substantial amount of testosterone it is able to build muscle and so by using this alternative you don’t have to mix powders together to achieve satisfactory results.

Xtreme Testosterone is available at only $19.95 which is an absolute bargain! And no need to combine it with anything else because you have everything you need to accomplish all of your goals in just one capsule! Winner!

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