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Vitrix Reviews

Grade: F (Severe Risk)

Vitrix is a natural male enhancement product that claims to elevate testosterone levels.
Lowered testosterone levels used to be considered an inevitable part of the aging process. Thanks to extensive scientific research, it is now widely known that low testosterone levels can be treated. The problem today is deciphering which male enhancement products are valid and effective for increasing testosterone levels.
Our research team was asked to conduct a study on Vitrix to help solve the confusion surrounding male enhancement products.


Vitrix is a natural male enhancement product that guarantees increased testosterone levels in addition to promoting mass muscle gain, hardness and libido. The ingredient list for Vitrix contains German Tribulus Terrestris, Vitex Agnus Castus, Avena Sativa, Eqidmedium and Eurycomo Longfolia Jack. The manufactures of Vitrix claim Tribulus Terrestris is the key ingredient used in their special formula. Tribulus Terrestris is an all-natural plant extract that contains high amounts of Saponin and Protodioscin. Multiple studies unanimously concluded that Tribulus Terrestris is ineffective for facilitating muscle or testosterone growth. The study results instead linked Tribulus Terrestris to causing a medical condition called Gynecomastia or male breast enlargement. Gynecomastia is a serious and irreversible condition with limited treatment options. Vitrix does contain natural ingredients, however their formula is only useful for increasing breast size.

The Bottom Line

We urge you to never buy or use this dangerous product. The goal of male enhancement products is increased penis size and performance not breasts. Please continue researching until you find a higher quality male enhancement product with trusted and demonstrated results.


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