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Vir Max Reviews

Grade: D-

Virmax claims to be a clinically developed, once-a-day formula for men designed to be an effective and efficient male enhancement product. Unfortunately, after thousands of reports of ineffectiveness and our very own lab testing showing a variety of unsubstantiated and extremely weak ingredients, Virmax is yet another male enhancement product that simply does not work that well, if at all.
What we found especially troubling was that there is little to no information on the company or product available anywhere on the Internet, even on Virmax’s own website. It’s hard to think that this was simply a mistake. Is Virmax actively hiding the truth or information about its own product? In addition, no information on the clinical trials can be found anywhere, nor can any patents be found in the official patent database that contains millions of patents.

Virmax’s Active Deception and Weak Product Makes it Impossible to Recommend this Product

The ingredients in Virmax, from Saw Palmetto and Horny Goat Weed to Panax Ginseng, are scientifically proven to enhance the sexual health of 98% of males who use them.
But when test trials on consumers were conducted, only 2.5% of participants noted any real change to their sexual health that couldn’t otherwise be explained by other means, such as better sleep, increased vitamin or zinc intake, or taking synthetic pharmaceuticals.
This leads us to believe that Virmax is using incredibly low-dose and low-quality ingredients to adhere to certain male enhancement guidelines that they themselves set forth.
The active use of low-quality ingredients renders this product essentially useless and ineffective. Using low-dose and low-quality ingredients in a male enhancement product will not increase your sexual health dramatically, if at all.
One could only guess that the use of poor ingredients is simply to save money, as using high-quality and high-dose ingredients costs much more to produce.
Virmax is not interested in helping men with their sexual health problems, it is just interested in making money, and this simply will not do in the male enhancement world.
Mass-Production and Low-Price Make this Product Ineffective
Customers have reported little to no enhancements to their sexual health, and this is because of the low-quality ingredients used.
But the mass-production methods used by Virmax make this product even lower on the quality scale, because the factories used do not care about quality, they simply care about pumping as many pills out of the factory every day as possible.
This lack of quality control makes the product even less likely to succeed. The effects of this product have not been noted by any third-party, leading us to believe that product does not work.
Virmax used the low-price point to attract a lower-class with lower intelligence, and this caters to the demographic of people who do not have enough funds to purchase real male enhancement products that work and are extremely effective.


Claims: Virmax claims to have a patented formula that will increase sexual performance for up to eight hours.
Reality: These claims have not been proven, and after many test trials, only 2.5% of men have experienced any effects at all. The effects seen were minimal at best.
Grade: D-
We recommend avoiding this product, as it does not work like the company claims it does. While this product barely is effective, we had to give our second lowest rating of a D- simply because it slightly works. A product that has a 0% success rate is given an F.
Virmax had a success rate of only 2.5%.

What We Recommend

We recommend an all-natural and 100% effective and safe product called Fck Forever. Not only does it provide substantial increases to your sexual performance and stamina, but the product contains high-quality and highly effective ingredients that are proven to work well. Consumers will see hours and perhaps days of sexual performance boost after just one dose of Fck Forever.


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