Virility Patch Review – All you need to know about Virility Patch 

Virility Patch Transdermal Male Enhancement Patch Review


Remember back in the day when transdermal patches were just for muscle pain? Apparently, someone thought that it would be convenient to make male enhancement available in patches too. Virility Patch is one of the latest in transdermal male enhancement products that promises to improve sexual performance for men.

Like many male enhancement supplements, Virility Patch promises the same bunch of things – it can improve your sexual performance and stamina, all with the convenience of a transdermal patch. Like many innovative products we’ve seen, we’re not too quick to judge on the effectiveness of Virility Patch. Transdermal patches offer a consistent delivery method for active ingredients, which can greatly help users, but will it work for male enhancement supplements? We’ll find out.


The main components of Virility Patch RX are Saw Palmetto and Damiana. Saw palmetto is an ingredient used in many male enhancement supplements, while Damiana is supposed to be a testosterone booster, but very little is known about Damiana to make that assumption. In fact, the makers of Virility Patch RX appear to be unsure if damiana can actually raise testosterone levels. Virility Patch RX also makes use of Yohimbe Bark as a vasodilator to supply more blood to the penis.

Virility Patch RX’s also contains Ginseng, is a known source of energy for the user. Ginseng has been used for centuries as a tonic for strength and endurance, and sexual stamina. To amplify the effects of ginseng, Fo-ti and Gotu Kola is added to boost sexual stamina.

All of these ingredients need to be absorbed through the skin, and that’s why they have added menthol to the patches to open up the pores and allow the ingredients to be absorbed through the skin and distributed through the bloodstream.

Is it effective?

Based on the reviews we’ve come across online, there is a big air of disappointment over Virility Patch RX. To be honest, it’s not really that surprising, since they have collected all-natural ingredients, and you can’t really expect herbal supplements to be absorbed through the skin. We understand that transdermal patches are designed to do just that, but only selected types of medicine can be absorbed through the skin, and herbal ingredients are not one of those.

Although transdermal patches are recognized as an effective medium for medicine delivery, it cannot deliver a volume large enough to make actual results for male enhancement. Male enhancement supplements usually require a large dose of active ingredients to produce actual results, and we do not see that happening for Virility Patch RX.


The technology of transdermal patches are still in the process of development. Maybe one day we can have effective male enhancement supplements in transdermal patch form, but at this point in time, we’d have to make to with pills. The best male enhancement pills are specially developed to be optimally absorbed by your system. If results are what you’re after, check Formula 41 Extreme and forget about using patches for male enhancement for now.