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Vintage Burn – The World’s First Muscle-Preserving Fat Burner . . . But is it the best?

Vintage Burn – The World’s First Muscle-Preserving Fat Burner . . . But is it the best?

The number of supplements on the holistic market today is outstanding as it is overwhelming. It can be difficult to differentiate as to which is worth your money and trust to bogus products or items that do not perform as the bottle claims.

To reduce stress at looking through all the different brands and labels, we promise to advise you on male enhancement supplements by using our exceptional knowledge of natural herbs and through investigating the effects that people have experienced.

Save yourself the research! Here is what we have gathered . . .


Green coffee beanThe product Vintage Burn claims to be the world’s first and best muscle-preserving fat burning supplement. There are three main purposes of consuming the capsules – burn fat, preserve muscle, improve focus and memory.

It includes extracted natural components such as: Green tea leaf, Green coffee bean, Raspberry Ketones, Olive leaf, Caffeine, Bacopa leaf, Garcinia fruit, Chrysin and Forskohlii root.

Because there are no chemicals within the concoction you are not going to experience dodgy side effects that are possible with manmade pharmaceuticals.

Does this combination work?

All these extracts are safe to consume and certainly there are ingredients here that will assist your energy levels like caffeine.

The downside of caffeine within this product means that you will have to be careful throughout the day to not exceed the recommended daily limit, so if you like to drink coffee you may have to compensate.

But are the other ingredients powerful enough to really help you lose weight while achieving a better muscle density?  At a very slow pace perhaps . . .


Bacopa leafAt $49.99 it certainly isn’t the cheapest – but as they say ‘quality over quantity’ and at least these manufacturers don’t waste time adding unnecessary fillers to their product.

However, a month’s supply will not be enough to maintain the desired results and in the long run this can end up being quite pricey, (especially when the extracts are not as fast acting).

To conclude:

Despite the bold claim of being the world’s first and best at its job, Vintage Burn still contains caffeine which can be avoided and extracts that are less potent than other muscle building products like GarciniaX (which does not contain ANY caffeine).

Lipogenix are still my first choice product because they are instantly effective due to their potent ingredients such as Glucuronolactone renowned for increasing energy and Synephrine Caprylate for safely increasing the metabolism.

Then to ensure building muscle there are products like Nitro Genix 365 which are amazing and more economical at a fair price of $19.95. With fast acting natural herbs that are carefully selected and measured to guarantee you feel results quicker than anything else!

My advice would be to make a decision as to what you wish to achieve for your health or physique before you invest in a product that has a price tag like this and then take the right supplement for the job!



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