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Vimax Penis Patch Review: How Safe and Effective Is It?

by healthymensinfo
Vimax Penis Patch Review: How Safe and Effective Is It?

Erectile dysfunction can now be rectified with the use of Vimax’s Penis Patch. According to its manufacturer Vimax, the product can enable the increase of the penis by up to 2 inches (averagely) and boost its circumference by 25%. The effectiveness has been guaranteed, though this may not apply for everyone as each man has certain needs and requirements different from the others. Nevertheless, it’s still worth trying.

Erectile Dysfunction or ED is a serious problem that several men struggle with. Many factors cause ED, but the most common are age, illness, and stress. Though it’s not severe as to cause serious medical complications or death, ED still is a major concern for those men who suffer from it. For one, it can negatively affect a man’s relationship with his wife or girlfriend. Having ED can also taint his confidence.

Lots of remedies and treatments have come and go. These usually are in the forms of surgeries, machines, and male enhancement capsules.

To provide the ultimate solution once and for all, scientists worked together and this led for the creation of Penis Patch. Using this product, men can increase their penis size and improve their sexual health by just putting the patch on their skin, anywhere on the body.

This seems to be too good to exist, but you may be surprised at what’s in store for you.

How does Penis Patch work?

Man Wearing Nicotine Patch --- Image by © Larry Mulvehill/Corbis

Man Wearing Nicotine Patch — Image by © Larry Mulvehill/Corbis

With nature and science combined, the creation of the ultimate formulation is highly possible. Employing various natural components, Penis Patch has become potent in its purpose of increasing a man’s penis in length and in circumference. This works through the use of transdermal delivery system.

Those who find this term foreign would learn that transdermal is defined as “through the skin”. Meaning, Penis Patch works by letting its ingredients be soaked up through the skin and into its eventual place, which is the bloodstream.

It is apparently distinct compared to other products like pills, which need to be swallowed into the digestive system before going to the bloodstream. This can only mean that the most important ingredients can be gone before even making use of its potency.

Thus, Penis Patch is better in this sense because the vital ingredients in the product are guaranteed to be in the bloodstream to take full effect.

What it is made of?


Penis Patch is made of natural ingredients combined together to come up with the ultimate product. This product, as claimed by its maker, can treat erectile dysfunction and can even increase penis size in length and circumference. You may wonder what ingredients it contains to provide such remarkable outcome. Wonder no more because the ingredients are listed below:

Ginseng is a well-known stimulant that can improve sexual functions and performance. No wonder it’s called the “rejuvenator”. Basically, ginseng consists of different kinds like the American, Siberian, and Korean. This potent herbal remedy has been used by many as a sexual enhance for hundreds of years. In addition to its sexual prowess, Ginseng can also protect you from diseases as it decreases the effects of pathogens in the environment.

Damiana is a recognized aphrodisiac that does what testosterone basically does. It’s also used to help combating depression and some forms of anxiety, which cause erectile dysfunction and failure to have erections.

Gotu Kala is another herb in Penis Patch that works wonders by cleansing the blood. As the blood is purified, nerve stamina is built and low energy is addressed for good.

These ingredients have been found to be potent and they’re of premier quality. Thus, Penis Patch is a must-try product judging from the reliability of the ingredients alone.


With Penis Patch, erectile dysfunction is a now thing of the past. At least that’s what Vimax is confident about. Although the ingredients are all natural and have proven to deliver the best results, we are uncertain of the consistency of the product. Will the effects last for long?

Visible results can be in the form of an increased penis both in length and girth. For the former, it’s about 2 inches on average and for the latter, it’s by 25%. Though this may work for some men, the effects may not as great for others because every man has different cases. Despite this, Penis Patch is still a promising male enhancement product that deserves a chance. It’s definitely a must-try for those who are seeking to address their issues on their sexual functions.

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