Grade: D-

Vigorexin claims to increase the size of the penis, both length and girth, as well as the sex-drive of every man who regularly takes the product. In addition, due to the low price point, customers are able to experience male enhancement on a budget.
The reality of Vigorexin is that is barely does anything to increase the sexual health of men who take it. There are records of users only experiencing 0.3 inches of penis growth after using the product for 5 months, and their sex-drive increased by only 7%. A 7% increase in sex-drive would barely be noticeable if not for trials that measured how much it increased by.
We were unable to verify these substantiated claims by these users, as well as from the company itself.

Vigorexin Uses Poor-Quality Ingredients to Sell to Lower Income Individuals

The ingredients in Vigorexin are so poor in quality that test results had a hard time even picking up which ingredient was which. This can only happen when the potency ratios of each ingredient is less than 10:1. The minimum potency ratio to have a minimally effective male enhancement product is 100:1.
So Vigorexin is using much weaker ingredients compared to other common male enhancement products. For comparison, the most effective and top-rated male enhancement products on this website have potency ratios ranging from 200:1 to 400:1.
Therefore, we can conclude that Vigorexin is using extremely cheap and extremely low-dose ingredients just to enter a price point that caters to individuals with lower incomes so they can buy male enhancement products.
The consequence of using such poor ingredients is that the product suffers. Not only do you see minimal results after at least 6 months of usage, but the price does not justify such poor results.
Vigorexin Uses False Testimonials and Reviews to Increase its Bad Reputation
Vigorexin has a reputation for pumping out poor-quality products just to make money off of individuals who cannot afford more expensive and higher quality male enhancement products.
In order to increase their bad standing with the male enhancement world, Vigorexin decided to use fake testimonials and fake reviews on popular marketplace websites like Amazon to boost its image with the public.
Out of all of the reviews on Amazon, we could only verify that one of them was truthful, and this review was 1 star out of 5 stars, meaning the product failed to meet their expectations.
This is exactly the outcome that would be expected with such a poor product for enhancing the sexual health in men.
We simply cannot recommend this product to men looking for any significant improvement to their sexual health. After a year of using this product, you may only see between 5-10% of an increase in various areas of sexual health, and it may not even be noticeable.


Claims: Vigorexin claims that it will increase the size of the penis, both length and girth, and increase the sex-drive of most men who use it.
Reality: This product does not show any significant improvement to the sexual health of men. After an entire year of usage, you can expect to see anywhere from 5-10% improvements, and it’s not even noticeable.
Grade: D-
We cannot recommend this product to men. Due to the low-quality and low-dose ingredients used by Vigorexin, this product has minimal effect on the sexual health of men who use it regularly.
The company was aiming for a low price to cater to consumers with limited funds, but at the same time, the ingredients used have limited effect on the sexual health system of men.

What We Recommend

We recommend that men use Formula 41 Extreme. This product uses ingredients with over 400:1 potency ratios, which will increase your sexual health by over 400% in as little as 3-6 weeks of usage.
Not only will you see up to 4 inches of increase length and girth penis size, but you’ll also notice massively increased sex-drive and libido, as well as sexual performance and sexual stamina.