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Vasoflo Review – Does it Work? 

by healthymensinfo
Vasoflo Review – Does it Work?

Vasoflo is an interesting male enhancement product. For one, it’s not in pill form or in the form of a cream, which definitely makes it unique.

The only other product we’ve seen take this different approach was in the form of a patch that went on the arm, but it offered only medium results.

Vasoflo, on the other hand, works in the form of a powder. You simply pour the packet in your mouth, swish it around to get wet, and then swallow. It’s really simple, and you don’t need water.

It claims to have a patented delivery system, that it’s doctor approved, that you’ll see results in about 30 minutes, and that it’ll increase your sex-drive, libido, and endurance.

Unfortunately, we were a bit disappointed in how well this product worked. It only offered slightly good results in regard to sex-drive, and it took over an hour to see these results.

On top of that, we personally thought the powder tasted awful.

Here are the full details about Vasoflo:

The Effectiveness

Vasoflo, while convenient to use and carry with you, only offers decent results for the money. A 3-pack containing 3 packets in each box (so 9 doses) will run you over $20. That’s not good value for your money.

With most male enhancement pills, you get at least 30 pills for roughly $40. That’s 30 days of usage vs. just 9 days.

On top of that, male enhancement pills have shown to be more potent and reliable than Vasoflo in general, mainly because the pills travel to your stomach first and then release their nutrients.

Because the pills usually target the sexual health system more directly, we’d have to recommend that you look toward pills instead of this powder.

The Ingredients

Strangely enough, you can’t find an ingredients list anywhere on the web, not even on the company’s website. This is troubling.

We’re not sure why they’re not giving out their ingredients, but it makes us wonder why. In addition, it makes it hard to know what you’re getting.

We can only guess that there’s so combination of Yohimbe, Epimedium, and perhaps Maca Root, based on the results we saw.


We simply cannot recommend Vasoflo to anyone looking to increase their sexual health, mainly their sex-drive, libido, and endurance.

While you’ll see some results, your efforts are better spent looking toward male enhancement pills instead.

What We Recommend

If you’re looking to see some serious increases in libido, sex-drive, and endurance, we have to recommend Libido Booster Extreme.

Libido Booster Extreme offers the most comprehensive list of ingredients we’ve ever seen, as well as the biggest results we’ve ever seen.

We highly recommend Libido Booster Extreme to seriously boost your sex-drive, libido, sexual energy, and endurance.


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