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Top Sex Positions to Lose Weight

by John Gibson

It is important for people to engage in sex, but weight can be a hindrance to having an enjoyable sex life. The sexual health and sex performance of a person are affected by their weight. Overweight and obese people aren’t only at risk for health conditions, they are also at risk for sex-related problems that are important to resolve if they want to have an enjoyable sex life and good sexual health. Would you believe that while you are enjoying sexual intercourse, you can also shed off fats to lose weight? There are sex positions that can help you reach your goal to lose weight.




There are indeed disadvantages to being overweight or obese. It affects the sexual health of a person. Obesity is a disease and it seriously needs to be treated. Being overweight affects a person’s libido and a lot more, not only a person’s sex drive. Losing a little weight is already an accomplishment, and continuously shedding off weight is a success. An overweight person doesn’t have to make themselves go malnourished or underweight to be able to say that they’ve already freed themselves from being obese. Normal weight or at least losing weight like 10 pounds is already a step to becoming healthy. Obesity in men makes their testosterone level lessen, leading them to a low testosterone level that can cause erectile dysfunction where erection is either hard to keep firm or hard to achieve. Obesity also affects a man’s fertility because of the low sperm count and reduction in sperm motility. When this happens, a man’s fertility is affected which makes them less fertile. The prostate of men is also affected by obesity in two ways. First, is the benign prostatic hyperplasia or also known as enlarged prostate. If a man’s prostate is enlarged, even though it is not cancer and is less likely to become cancer, the symptoms for an enlarged prostate gland which are uncomfortable urinary symptoms can be very annoying and comfortable. It is common among aging and older men but overweight men tend to get this condition often too. The second effect of obesity in the prostate is prostate cancer. The benign prostatic hyperplasia or enlarged prostate may not be a threat as it may be treated and cured with some medications but prostate cancer is cancer developed in the prostate gland that can be fatal if become severe. This malignant growth in the prostate can often be removed but it can also come back. It can also spread not only to the parts of the body, but it can also spread in the nearby organs and tissues. The symptoms are usually related to the urinary problems but another symptom involved is a painful ejaculation. Some of these conditions can be caused by other health conditions and diseases, but obesity is still one of the factors that can cause these conditions which can happen to an overweight person.

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Although a person’s sex drive is affected by obesity, there are pills available that can help them feel stimulated during sexual activity. It is possible to lose weight while enjoying sexual intercourse but of course, it needs to be associated with a nutritious diet and frequent exercise. A healthy lifestyle should also be practiced which means to stay away from nicotine and stop alcohol abuse especially the use of illicit substances. Staying away from junk foods and replacing them with fruits and vegetables is also recommended. Here are the sex positions you can perform with your partner to help you lose weight.


Missionary sex position


Getting on top is enjoyable for women and beneficial for men. The missionary sex position is great for the core muscles because thrusting back and forth takes up a lot of core strength which makes the calories burn. This sex position is also a good workout for the glutes.

Doggy style


This sex position helps both men and women lose weight. For women, they burn calories because the pelvic floor and core muscles can be easily activated while men have increased mobility and a tightening in the abs which can raise their heart rates. In this sex position, the woman gets on her hands and knees. Her hands and knees support her as the man positions behind her; kneeling or standing and thrust inside of her.


Standing sex position


The standing sex position may be the most challenging sex position for most people especially if they aren’t that strong. The strength of the man will be challenged because he has to lift the woman in a facing position while thrusting into her. It will be easier if the woman is supporting herself with one leg. Their upper core and leg strength both play a part in burning calories that helps them lose weight.




If you’re working out, then you may be familiar with the exercise called lunges. In the lunges sex position, the woman is sitting on top of the man and her one leg is extended in the front while the other is extended at the back, similar to the exercise position. The sex position burns calories because it is a good position for the butt, core, quad, hamstring, and the front of the leg.



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Burning calories and shedding off weight while enjoying sexual intercourse is a fun way to achieve a normal weight. It needs to be simultaneously accompanied by regular exercise and a healthy diet. Nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables should replace junk foods and soft drinks especially foods with high sugar levels. Excessive alcohol intake should also be avoided. A healthy lifestyle should be practiced where nicotine is not involved and substance. Getting rid of these will also help overweight people achieve their goal to have a healthy body and good sexual health. Remember to keep your body healthy once you’ve achieved your goal which includes shedding off fats.

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