by John Gibson
5 Steps to Get Rid of Man Boobs

Losing belly fat is something crucial that people battle with, especially the female gender. I know we all want to rock our flat tummy in that body con dress right, but our tummy won’t allow that. The lady folk don’t feel safe or secured anymore to wear the clothes they feel like wearing because they are scared of being body shamed. Also, men with protruding stomachs are not comfortable to put them on display during outdoor events like swimming sessions.


The plight is quite understandable, yet most of us are the ones causing the belly fat as we engage in activities that do not help us; most people wake up by 10 pm to start cooking, do you expect that food to digest after you have eaten it? Most people have used several belly fat loss tablets and creams without getting any result and they are about to give up.


Now, you don’t have to break a bank before you get a flat tummy, the following tips will help you lose belly fats. It works like magic.


Emotional Eating

junk food binge

It’s easy to reach for sugary foods that contain fat when the stress level is high. But the effect will stay with you long after you feel better.   Cortisol is also known as adrenal glands in response to stress and research has shown that elevated cortisol levels can increase weight gain. So when you eat too much, I mean when you put too much passion into eating, do not expect anything less. Calorie infested meals too are a no go area for you. If you want to successfully lose belly fat, you must reduce carb and high-calorie intake.


Habit breaker


Instead of soothing with food, drink a glass of water. Try stress-relieving activities like meditation or gentle yoga. Break the habit of eating immediately you are hungry or taking drinks that you know will do you no good, when you are hungry, a glass of water could do most times. Avoid every form of carbonated beverages as some are high in calories and not good for you at this point. If possible, you can also break your habits by swapping high-calorie foods for low ones. For example, instead of crunching on snacks, you could switch that with water. Also, instead of gulping down lime or lemon soda, a cup of water can be used to replace soda.


Eating on large plates


when you eat on large plates, you will want to finish the portion of food taken, even though you might be filled up, you will want to finish the food all because you don’t want to waste it. So, oftentimes, you won’t know that you are filled until you finish the whole plate of food. Eat with smaller plates, when it seems you are not filled, wait a little bit before taking more portion. Furthermore, instead of taking more portions of food, take more vegetables and fruits when hungry. This will help you to reduce the intake of calories and carbs hereby, replacing them with vitamins and minerals that are more of nutritional value to your health and wellbeing. Remember, the larger the portion of food, the larger the calorie intake, so also, the lower the portion, the lower the calorie intake.


Eating late at night


Most people are fond of binge eating. They can eat anywhere and anytime they feel like eating. This is wrong and if you want to do away with all of those belly fats, eating at odd hours must be stopped. When you eat late at night, the probability that the food will digest is very low, consequently, indigestion might set in. It will contribute to your potbelly. Dinner should be eaten at 6 pm and if late, it should not be later than 7 pm. When you feel hungry again in the night, you can reach for fruits – just fruits.




Exercise is very important to our health and it is very important to belly fat loss, several exercises can help you lose that belly fat when you engage in an exercise, you have to be consistent with it to get results, consistency is key. Some forms of exercise that are effective for eliminating belly fats include triceps dips, push-ups, jump ropes, plank, mountain climber, weight lifting, and so on.

Regardless of the type of exercise you participate in, ensure that the intensity is rigorous. This will help you lose belly fat fast.


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