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Things You Can Do To Avoid Putting Her Off

Things You Can Do To Avoid Putting Her Off

It is no joke, at times us men can turn women off so quickly that we do not even get a chance to say goodbye! For those of us who have noticed a lack of her enthusiasm (whether towards you or the way she goes about her day), listen up!

Yes, some women are harder to please than others but here are a few tips to keeping your ladies interested!

Listen to what they have to say

Some of us have mastered the art of switching off and letting our minds wonder while our partners jibber on about things that seem irrelevant but actually mean something to them.

We just sit there politely nodding and agreeing and just hoping that soon it will stop in order to move onto the good stuff (like a blowjob).

Answer questions with a bit more depth

Women do not want one-word answers; they want a conversation. The minute you shrug your shoulders or appear unenthusiastic about something they were sharing with you, they can get into a huff which can escalate into an argument.

Try to stay calm and relax, give her an insightful response that she will respect and appreciate and this is the best way to avoid seeming ignorant – a big no-no when it comes to relationship priorities in her mind.

Give your advice

NOTE: Be careful not to get this wrong by coming across as patronising!

Offer her some information that she can benefit from and feel comforted by. Be tactful and try to make it something that she would like to hear, but also be truthful.

Ensure she is equally sexually satisfied


A lot of us men think that it is us with the big libido and need the extra attention. The truth is, women are just as horny and although they may seem like they enjoy giving you a lot of pleasure they do expect the same in return.

Taking without giving

It’s all good and well for you if you manage to achieve an orgasm, but what happens when you forget about returning the favour?
Not being sexually satisfied affects our daily lives and doesn’t just leave us frustrated for the time being. If we do not feel fulfilled it can drastically impact our mood and outlook on life – the same goes for women. Ensure that you please your woman as much as she pleases you; take male enhancement supplements if necessary to keep up the energy.

If your partner performs oral pleasure or any kind of sexual act that doesn’t involve penetration and you reach your climax and then go to sleep or whatever, think about it! Where does that leave her?

Using herbs to boost sex drive

Tengenix is one of the best examples of today’s male enhancement supplements that you can take to ensure that you are capable of lasting longer when it comes to sexual activities.

Natural herbs that are combined to make safe and efficient male enhancement pills also enable you to feel urges that may have failed to present themselves before.

Incorporating organic products into your daily lifestyle is one way you can be sure that you at least have the energy and motivation to satisfy your partner sexually.

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