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The Real Reason Why Women Moan During Sex

by healthymensinfo

Why do women moan during sex? Instantly you’ll think it’s because they’re enjoying, really enjoying it they can’t help but let it all out. Naturally this makes you feel good, too. The sound of her moans turns you on real good. It fuels your lust further and encourages you to give more. But what if it’s not the case sometimes? Maybe even most of the time? What if it’s a lie? A greater deception conspired by all women to… Fine, the conspiracy thing is too much.

Generally men making noises during sex is what we think it is – moans and grunts of pleasure. They feel very, very good there’s no way they’d be quiet about it. As for women, there may be other reasons behind their moaning – and these other reasons could hurt your feelings, or ego?

In a new study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, 71 sexually active women were asked why they moan during sex, in which 66 percent of these women moan to accelerate their partner’s climax, and to top it off 87 percent of these women moan simply to boost his self-esteem.

In the report it was revealed that the noises made by women during sex frequently happen before and with male ejaculation simultaneously. Thus, this signifies that women become too vocal, in order for you to think you’re so good it makes her crazy until that pumps your desire even more, so you climax.


The revelation is far from finished, gentlemen. The research also discovered that women resort to vocalizations when they’re bored, uncomfortable, or exhausted during sex simply because they want it to be finished. Do you hear that? They know that by moaning so sweetly it’ll speed up your orgasm. On the other hand, that’ll really help you get off, so can you really complain?
But of course, you’re not the only one to curse and grunt when you’ve reached your climax. Women do copulatory vocalizations, too when they’re having an orgasm, a real one. Sometimes it can actually be true, you know. No need to sulk about it. No need to question the essence of your manhood, either. It’s all good. It’s just them women. They’re so complicated.

On the other hand, how would you know if she’s faking it or if she’s really voicing out her satisfaction for real? Somehow you really want to know, right? Or not? The truth hurts, yes. Ignorance is bliss, yes. Reading this will not unlearn it, so whatever keeps the peace in your sleep, right?

This is not the end for you, though. If you want her to genuinely enjoy your lovemaking, then you need to focus more on what she loves, what turns her on and the likes. Bring greater foreplays on the table to set the tune for a hotter, more pleasurable sex for both of you. Be romantic. Make her want you by teasing her. This way there’s a chance she’s screaming in pleasure not because she’s bored but because it feels too damn good!


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