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The Most Underrated Men’s Supplement Ingredients

by John Gibson


If you’ve followed our reviews for the last two years, you would notice that we pay close attention to the ingredients of every product that comes across our desk. That’s how it should be. Every supplement is only as good as its ingredients, and most of the time, it’s the big-name ingredients that always get the attention.


You’ve seen us go in-depth about ingredients like Tongkat Ali, Ashwagandha, Horny Goat Weed, and while these ingredients are really great at increasing testosterone levels, it’s not just these popular ingredients that make excellent supplements work. For some really special supplements, it’s the minor ingredients that make the formula come together.


Why are support ingredients important?


Let’s look at it this way – a supplement’s core ingredients dictate how a supplement is supposed to work. If the core ingredient has an excellent testosterone-boosting potential, then it’s just expected for supplement companies to complement their core with support ingredients that can enhance the effectiveness and/or safety of the formula.

It’s all about ingredient synergy – how well the ingredients work together. Dominant core ingredients can only be as powerful as the dosage, but too much of the same ingredient could saturate your body. Support ingredients work hand-in-hand with core ingredients to produce better results without having to oversaturate the body with massive dosages of the same ingredient.

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Why are support ingredients overlooked?


You can go to any review aggregate website and you’ll notice that every site like ours does the same thing. It’s all about the main ingredients. It’s these ingredients that cost the most to produce, and the minor ingredients do not get as much attention as they should have.

Another reason why support ingredients are overlooked is that these support ingredients are often cheap to produce and common with every other supplement of the same category. These ingredients are just so cost-effective that highlighting them might look like it’s just as common as any other ingredient in the market.

Even though certain support ingredients are common, it’s important to make sure that your male enhancement supplement has these ingredients, to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the supplement.


Here are some of the most underrated men’s supplement ingredients:





Zinc is a mineral that plays an important role in the body’s metabolism. It has a direct impact on a man’s immune system, testosterone production, protein synthesis, energy, and more. The real problem with zinc is that the body doesn’t naturally produce zinc, and you need to source it from food, or supplements.


Think about the popular aphrodisiac foods that you know. I’m sure that oysters would be at the top of the list, but so would crab and red meat. These are the types of food you normally see served during dinner dates, and that’s because these types of food are packed with lots and lots of zinc.


Zinc plays a key role in testosterone production as it helps stimulate the Leydig cells to produce testosterone. It’s also important in sperm motility. When you ejaculate, your semen is packed with zinc to help sperm cells survive outside your body. There are just too many uses for zinc in the male body, and that’s why most male enhancement supplements carry them. They are quite cheap to source, and they are extremely effective in supporting the core ingredients, such as Longjack, Fenugreek, and Ashwagandha. Zinc perfectly synergizes with so many testosterone-boosting ingredients that it’s become a staple in every testosterone-boosting supplement.




Another key mineral that doesn’t get the attention in this business is Magnesium. Many supplements feature magnesium, or its many bioavailable preparations, such as Magnesium aspartate, citrate, sulfate, and many more.


Magnesium is important because it manages plenty of interactions inside the body, including protein synthesis, muscle growth, nerve function, blood glucose levels, and blood flow. Magnesium Aspartate, in particular, is an important mineral that helps increase free testosterone levels, while increasing the levels of stored energy in the muscles to help you perform fast and explosive movements.


If your supplement contains Zinc, then there’s a fat chance that it contains Magnesium too. One of the most popular mineral supplements available is ZMA, which essentially stands for Zinc-Magnesium Aspartate. Like Zinc, Magnesium isn’t naturally produced by the body, and you need to source it from foods such as legumes and milk. Fatigue, muscle cramps, muscle weakness, and localized numbness are common signs that your body is low on Magnesium.




Out of all these three overlooked ingredients, L-Arginine is perhaps the least known. L-Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid that is naturally produced by the body to help regulate blood pressure. It’s a natural nitric oxide booster that helps dilate blood vessels to help improve blood flow. The body naturally sources L-Arginine from meats, and it’s synthesized by the body, but without food sources or supplementation, the body doesn’t have enough L-Arginine to sufficiently function correctly.


Poor blood flow is a common problem to those who have just started a vegan diet, and that’s partly because of L-Arginine deficiency. The main sources of L-Arginine in food are typically found in animal-based diets, and those who are new to the diet have yet to integrate plant-based proteins into their diet. The good thing is that most protein sources are also great sources of L-Arginine, and once they get their protein diet sorted out, they can normalize their blood flow.


The importance of improving blood flow cannot be overstated. It helps accelerate nutrient delivery, enhance strength, stamina, and can even improve your erection quality. Men benefit the most from supplements that contain L-Arginine, although anyone who regularly works out can benefit from nitric oxide supplements as it helps provide that much-needed boost to your strength and endurance, giving them longer, more challenging workouts.



There’s a lot to learn when examining supplements, and it’s these minor support ingredients that need to be understood better to determine a supplement’s quality and effectiveness. These 3 supplements are a must-have for any male enhancement supplement, and it’s not surprising that some of the best supplements in the business contain hefty amounts of these support ingredients.

Take Male UltraCore for example. For the last two years, we have ranked it at the top of our male enhancement supplements list. It simply has everything going for it, from the core ingredients, down to the support ingredients. If you’re wondering, Male UltraCore has the best dosage of these three ingredients. It contains 30mgs of Zinc, 166mgs of Magnesium, and a whopping 500mgs of L-Arginine.

These aren’t the highest dosages in the business, but keep in mind that these are minor ingredients, and their three core ingredients take up most of the formula – and that’s why it’s at the top of our list.

Next time you examine a supplement, watch out for these minor ingredients. After all, they may be doing more to your health than you expect.

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