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The Best Kept Secret to Mind-blowing Orgasm and The Reasons Behind

by John Gibson
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Want to know how to become a sought-after lover whose libido goes overdrive? No, it’s not about the techniques or the foods you eat. The right sex positions, diet, and bedroom antics all contribute to highly orgasmic sex. But through the years, there’s a better alternative that has remained secret. And it’s bound to have a moment these times.

Mindful practitioners are starting to come out telling us there’s more to meditation than calming the mind and body. They claim meditation harbors a secret they want to reveal after noticing that the practice not only calms their nerves but also improve their relationship and bedroom performance.

Meditation can bring significant improvement in your sex life. Yes, you can meditate your way to orgasm. While orgasmic meditation starts to wow women from all walks of life, a regular meditation practice can help men achieve better and even multiple orgasms.

The reason could be simple, a relaxed body and mind are better able to stay present compared to a mind that’s all over the place. When you’re fully present, you’re in the best position to do great things including incredible sex.

Meditation and sex could look like an unlikely combination since we often associate meditation with monks and ascetics. But for people who lead an active sex life, meditation means so much in bed.

One practitioner shares his sex life has never been so stunning, animalistic, and raw after incorporating the practice of meditation twice a day. He says he now can last longer in bed and has way more energy and sex drive. If this sounds crazy, here are some reasons explaining how this came to be so:

Meditation provides your body with more energy

The National Sleep Foundation reported that one in every four couples claim that sleep deprivation affects their ability for sex. They feel too tired to have intimacy, making their sex life to suffer. It’s here where meditation comes into the picture. One of the amazing benefits of meditation is improved sleep. Once you’re able to achieve quality sleep, your energy levels increase. This surge of energy allows your body to be in the best shape for adult playtime.

Meditation reduces your stress levels

yoga and meditationStress can take its toll on your body. It affects your physical, mental, and psychological states. During stress, your body releases cortisol, which causes erectile dysfunction and reduced sex drive. You will not be in the mood for bedroom activities when even the thought of it makes you cringe.

Your body has to be calm, relaxed and better prepared for sex. This is why a nice dinner, relaxing music, and a bottle of wine are all essentials for romance and sex. These things help prepare you mentally and physically for a deeper connection and intimacy. But when you’re too stressed out, your body may respond to mental and sexual stimulation a little bit less.

Erectile dysfunction expert Dr. Nelson E. Bennett said that stress, fear, anxiety, worry, and frustration trigger your body to release adrenaline, which constricts blood vessels and hamper erection. But when you meditate, adrenaline and cortisol levels will drop while the bliss hormones dopamine and serotonin will increase. With an increased mood, your brain helps set off sexual appetite and intense orgasm.

Meditation helps you to be fully present

Numerous studies support the idea that meditation improves focus and concentration without finding out how. Italian neuroscientist Giuseppe Pagnoni looked deeper into how meditation changes brain patterns and improve mental focus.

In a study using MRI machines, Pagnoni found that meditators showed more stability in their ventral posteromedial cortex or vPMC, which lies at the underside of the brain and is linked to spontaneous thoughts and mind wandering. This brain region keeps most people almost always active despite claiming to be in a ‘resting state.’ This is what separates seasoned meditators from novices. The more experienced ones have the ability to manage the default mode of their vPMC, which is thought to keep running in the background.

What this means to you is that the more you meditate, the more you’re able to stabilize your mind, improve focus, and be in the present. Being fully present in your activity, specifically sex and intimacy increases your chances of having an intense orgasm.

Meditation improves your intuition

Famous people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Albert Einstein admit that intuition plays a major role in their success. They seized what their gut feeling tells the moment it comes. This inner knowing is real, but it doesn’t come naturally. Your monkey brain always suppresses the activity in your ventromedial prefrontal cortex or vmPFC, which science calls as the brain’s ‘axis of intuition’. And the only way to tap this brain region and improve your spider senses is through meditation.

A heightened sense of intuition helps you in so many ways, particularly in bedroom performance. Being a highly intuitive lover, you can easily sense your partner’s needs and the ways to please them without even asking. Your inner knowing also helps you to be more compassionate and passionate, which is important for a deeper connection and terrific sex.

Meditation allows you to enjoy the journey

sensual neck kissesWhile orgasm plays an important role in pleasurable sex, it’s not always the goal. Orgasm and climax are part of the sexual experience but not everything. Meditation enables you to slow things down. You don’t even have to think about orgasm or climax because these things will naturally come once you’re fully engaged in your sexual activity.

Sex is about deeper connection and oneness with your lover. Tantric sex has been popular since ancient times because it allows for blissful sex. But you don’t have to be knowledgeable about the ins and outs of tantric sex. Meditation gives you the benefits tantric sex does. The methods may be different, but the results are the same.

Meditation makes you a better lover

With all the above benefits, there’s no reason why you can’t be the ideal mate your partner longs to have. Meditation makes you a confident lover without trying to become one. This is because, as you meditate intensively, you no longer dwell on your weaknesses and hang-ups. You’ve become emotionally and mentally balanced that all you have in mind is to give your best and be your best in all the things you do. And this includes being an incredible sexual partner.

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