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Text Game: 3 Tips to get to the First Date

by healthymensinfo

We all know about the three day rule. Don’t call a girl until three days have passed or else you will seem desperate. That was before we all had smart phones. Now there are rules about liking Instagram pics, status updates and the use of emoticons. It’s enough to make your head explode. When a girl gives you her number, your first thought is “oh yeah…score”, but then the worry sets in when you send the first text. Here are the unwritten rules to go from complete strangers to first date.

Text like you talk

A woman is less likely to respond if your texts don’t mirror the way you talk. You may think that she will appreciate an intelligently written proposal for where you should get drunk later on tonight, but that is simply not true. Pretend she is there with you and speak it either out loud as you type or say it in your head. You want it to be as natural as possible. This will build trust because she can see you really are the cool guy she thought you were.

Wait to text her based on her mood

Let’s say you saw this really hot girl at the coffee shop. You approach her, and she doesn’t seem that interested in conversing but she gives you a few one worded answers. You ask for her number and after giving you a bit of an eye roll she goes “fine”. She’s not really an ice queen, she’s just having a bad day. The more excited she seems in the conversation, the sooner you can text her. Why is this? It’s because “Ice Queen” over there will be less likely to respond if you catch her in a bad mood. Wait two days and then hit her up. If she seemed to be truly enjoying the conversation, don’t be afraid to send her a text on the same day, she will be more likely to say yes to a date when the rose colored glasses are on.

Channel your Inner Tom Cruise

This is the usual pattern. Guy asks “Hey, did you wanna grab a drink later tonight?”. Girl goes “Sorry! I have a work thing!” Guy goes “Oh that’s cool, let me know when you’re free”. Here is the sad truth… She’s not going to let you know when she’s free. When you have a flake on your hands, there’s always a way to turn it around if you add a little drama. Instead of giving a mundane answer, go full Rom-Com on her ass. Say something like “I just have to see you again. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t think straight. I’ve never met a girl like you before”. Obviously this is a huge overstatement…but this is exactly the kind of stuff that will keep her hooked. Don’t let the conversation die, use everything as an opportunity to add excitement.

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