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Test X180 Reviews

Grade: F

Test X180 brands itself as a powerful testosterone booster that is able to increase sex-drive, increase libido, improve muscle mass over time, and enhance performance in sexual situations.
While the science behind testosterone is 100% true, Test X180 does nothing to enhance your testosterone levels and free testosterone, nor does it increase your sex-drive, libido, or sexual performance. There are very few natural methods for increasing your testosterone levels, and the ones that work contain far more potent ingredients than what is used in Test X180, as well as a greater variety of ingredients.
It seems, then, that Test X180 is in the market simply to suck up market share and become a profitable product while achieving nothing but unhappy customers in the process.

Test X180 Uses Slimy Bait-and-Switch Tactics

Many customers have reported numerous fraudulent activities by the company behind Test X180.
The most common reports are automatic billing complaints, where the company would trick consumers into signing up for an auto-billing cycle that would charge them sometimes hundreds of dollars for more products that they did not want by giving them a free trial.
Another large complaint is the company behind Test X180 ignoring the return policy they set forth, causing customers to be stuck with their unhappy purchase. In addition, the customers who did actually receive refunds only received partial refunds, and the process took months to complete.
Not only that, but the company has also been caught using bait-and-switch tactics on its customers, where customers are promised one product and then offered another when the package arrives in the mail. More often than not, the product that was switched into the shipment is a much less expensive product than the one they ordered, making the entire situation a complete scam.
And then when customers tried returning the wrong item, they found it took months to complete, if they even completed the process at all.
Test X180 Uses Unproven Ingredients and Unproven Science
Testosterone is an extremely effective male chemical at increasing sexual health, as well as increasing sex-drive and libido.
The problems arise from the ingredients Test X180 uses, and its claims that these ingredients are clinically proven to increase free testosterone in men. This is simply not true.
The ingredients used in the Test X180 formula are not scientifically proven to treat, enhance, or cure anything, let alone increase the sexual health in males, nor have any tests been done by a lab to back up the claims of Test X180.
Therefore, one could conclude that Test X180 is simply the equivalent of a placebo pill, where you see no genuine effects except for those that you may conjure up in your head.
The herbs inside Test X180 are also extremely low-quality and have very low potency, making this product even less believable. We deem this product as a scam product, and has no effect on the sexual health of men.
It’s best to stay away from this product, as it’s a waste of money.


Claims: Test X180 claims to increase the free testosterone in men, which increases your sex-drive, libido, and performance in sexual encounters. A secondary effect is increasing muscle mass.
Reality: None of these claims are true. This product does nothing to increase any area of your sexual health, nor does it do anything to increase your muscle mass and testosterone.
Grade: F
We recommend that consumers stay away from Test X180. Not only does it absolutely not work at increasing testosterone and your sexual health, but it’s very expensive at $70 per bottle plus tax, and the company also uses very slimy and borderline illegal selling tactics like making the refund policy incredibly transparent. In addition, the company makes it very difficult to obtain a refund.
The ingredients in Test X180 are unproven, and the claims made by the company were invented to sell more products.

What we Recommend

We recommend that consumers looking to boost their sex-drive, libido, and performance look to Libido Booster Extreme. This product has been proven to significantly increase the sex-drive and libido in men, as well as increase their sexual performance.
The ingredients inside Libido Booster Extreme have been clinically studied and proven to effectively increase testosterone, as well as increase the sexual health in men. Libido Booster Extreme is highly recommended!

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