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Tengenix Background

One of the best perks of our job is that we get to test products even before it hits the market. As early as October of 2015, we already had the pleasure of testing an up and coming male enhancement supplement, which would eventually be branded as TenGenix. The people behind TenGenix approached us to get our thoughts about their product. Being an unbranded supplement, we had our reservations about the product, but that comes pretty standard in the business. They were kind enough to give us the full list of ingredients in their formula, and we were quite satisfied with the information that they have provided us. We scheduled our testing for a full month just to have a better understanding of what the product is and what it was all about.

Based on our experience with male enhancement supplements, we were a bit skeptical about the benefits of TenGenix. Unlike other male enhancement pills that promise you the best sex of your life, TenGenix lists 10 benefits that you could expect upon taking their product. This gave us an objective approach to giving our opinion about the product. All we had to do was to check if the product can really meet the expectations of their customers.

Upon checking the TenGenix ingredients, we were aptly surprised with the detail that they have provided us. It was a complete list of relevant studies that were conducted to prove that the ingredients actually work. While TenGenix uses some of the most common ingredients found in male enhancement supplements, we found that the combination of the ingredients was what they were really gunning for. The more we understood the product, the more we wanted to give it a try. See the rest of our findings by reading the rest of our review below:
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How does TenGenix work?

The concept of TenGenix is not entirely new to what is already existing in the male enhancement supplement industry. It’s more about the combination of technologies that made TenGenix a breakthrough male enhancement pill. The core of the TenGenix formula is the Accelerated Penile Expansion (APEX) technology that it uses. The APEX technology is highlighted by the fast-absorbing ingredients of TenGenix that sets the perfect groundwork for penis enlargement.

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The APEX technology starts a chain reaction with a fast-absorbing aphrodisiac blend that works in as quickly as 40 minutes after taking the first dose. Once the aphrodisiac is in effect, the vasodilator ingredients of TenGenix begin to improve blood flow to the penis, effectively eliminating stenosis and occlusion of the arteries that supply blood to the penis. Long-term use of TenGenix makes the penile chambers expand due to the increased volume of blood that flows when the user experiences an erection, making the penis permanently longer and thicker.

TenGenix also has ingredients that enable the user to last longer in bed by using two different approaches – through free calcium blockers to prevent the penis from going flaccid during intercourse, and through hormone balancers that enables the user to gain full control over their orgasms.

What are the Benefits of Using Tengenix?


Penis Size IncreaseUP TO 5 INCHES OF GROWTH!!!

Sex-Drive Increase

Sexual Performance Increase

Energy Level Increase

What are the TenGenix ingredients?

From the time we received the list of TenGenix ingredients when we were offered to test the product, the ingredients remained the same. Here are some of the ingredients used by TenGenix:


The ‘trigger’ ingredient of TenGenix is the fast-acting component of MuiraPuama. MuiraPuama is included in many male enhancement supplements since its active compounds can be absorbed easily by the body. This allows the users of TenGenix to experience the benefits of TenGenix in as quickly as 30 minutes after taking the first dose.MuiraPuama is the one of the three active PDE-5 inhibitors in the TenGenix formula that potentiates erections.MuiraPuama also triggers a chain reaction that ultimately leads to penis enlargement.


LArginine is widely used in various products, such as bodybuilding supplements, anti-hair fall shampoos, hair growth solutions, and many more. This is due to the ability of L-arginine to increase blood flow in a targeted area. TenGenix uses a highly-concentrated extract of L-Arginine that triggers a dramatic improvement in circulation, especially in the arteries that supply blood to the penis. The effects of L-Arginine works in perfect synergy with the other aphrodisiacs in the formula. As L-Arginine increases the volume of blood that flows to the penis, the aphrodisiacs trigger neurotransmitters in the brain to signal the contraction of other blood vessels to concentrate the blood flow to the penis. Over time, the increased volume of blood would trigger a permanent expansion of the corpora cavernosa, or the penile chambers, resulting in a longer, thicker penis.


Tongkat Ali is the quintessential male enhancement ingredient. It fulfils three crucial roles in the TenGenix formula, which is highlighted by its testosteroneboosting capabilities. TenGenix contains a highly-concentrated extract of Tongkat Ali, which enables the formula to increase testosterone levels and sustain its levels to greatly improve sexual desire and endurance. Tongkat Ali is also a natural PDE-5 inhibitor, which enables it to mimic the effects of erectile dysfunction drugs such as Cialis and Viagra. Tongkat Ali also helps men perform better in bed as Tongkat Ali is also a free calcium inhibitor, which prevents men from going flaccid while engaged in sexual activity.


Tribulusterrestris is a well-known testosterone booster that is not only used in male enhancement, but in bodybuilding supplements as well. It fulfils an important role in TenGenix as the primary aphrodisiac, which works for a full 24 hours. TribulusTerrestris is the third PDE-5 inhibitor included in the TenGenix formula. As a natural PDE-5 inhibitor, TribulusTerrestris works on various receptors that inhibit phospodieterase-5, an enzyme that reduces cGMP, which is primarily responsible for causing an erection.

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Maca Root may probably be the most ingenious addition to the TenGenix formula. For one, Maca Root is an effective hormone balancing agent, which ensures that the user can go for as long as they want in bed. Maca Root has been used for centuries as a fertility aid, and its role in the TenGenix formula is to inhibit key neurotransmitters that prevent men from bouncing back quickly after experiencing an orgasm. Prolactin and Oxytocin are known to be key contributors in prolonging the refractory period, or the period of rest following an orgasm, and with the help of Maca Root, the effects of Oxytocin and Prolactin to a man’s libido are effectively reduced so men can gain full control over their orgasms.

Is TenGenix Effective?

Based on a number of reviews that we have encountered, and also on our own experience with the product, there’s no doubt that TenGenix is really one of the best formulas available today. WeTenGenix Male Enhancement Supplements had our initial reservations about the product when we got it, but upon analyzing the ingredients, technology, and benefits, all our doubts were put to rest. We don’t just test every pill that is offered to us for free. To provide an objective review of TenGenix, we had to get a volunteer who has never taken any male enhancement pill before. Needless to say, TenGenix impressed everyone in our office.

To gauge the effectiveness of TenGenix, we had to match it with the TenGenix 10 benefits, and as expected, TenGenix was able to achieve all the benefits. On the first week of use, the user would expect a significant improvement in libido and sexual endurance. Continuous use for up to a full month would yield a significant increase in penis size. According to our test subject, the most striking effect of TenGenix is that it made him more sensitive to sexual stimulus. Sex felt more pleasurable, and the sexual endurance was more than just making the penis stay hard during intercourse.

The TenGenix Money Back Guarantee

After the first month of testing, we were more than just impressed with TenGenix – we had to have it for ourselves. We decided to purchase TenGenix exclusively from our contact, and to our surprise – we were still covered by the money back guarantee. This just goes to show how confident the makers of TenGenix are with their product. All purchases made through their website are covered by TenGenix’s money back guarantee. It would be unlikely, but if TenGenix will not be able to meet your expectations, you can give their friendly customer care team a call, and they’ll give you a refund without the usual runaround that other companies do.


We’ve never been this excited about a male enhancement supplement before. Sure, we’ve encountered some pretty amazing products, but nothing comes close to TenGenix. It’s just one of those products that you are sure would be around for a long time. TenGenix is not just effective, it’s insanely affordable too. Make sure to buy in packs so you get the best prices. Experience TenGenix for yourself today. Buy TenGenix and let us know how it works for you!

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