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Ten Steps to Perfecting Sacred Sex for a More Intimate, Spiritual Connection

by John Gibson
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Understanding sacred sex is one thing, but actually performing this intimate sexual act with your partner can be much harder than simply understanding what it means to have this type of sex. Still, it is possible for any couple to become acquainted with sacred sex – and it really only takes a few simple steps for you and your partner to start practicing this activity.

While it is possible to hire the services of a coach who can help you and your partner learn how this sexual act works, this can be costly and quite invasive. Thus, many people would rather prefer learning the art of sacred sex themselves.

Here, we are going to explain, step-by-step, how tantric sex works, and how you and your partner can get started.

  1. Before sex can become a sacred and spiritual activity, it is important for both you and your sexual partner to recognize and accept the fact that you are both spiritual beings. It is also important to recognize the fact that we are created from a blueprint developed from a divine entity and to accept this divine entity for the ultimate spiritual experience.
  2. The next step is to realize that the same intention as with traditional sex does not apply to sacred sex. While traditional sex has the goal of orgasm, with sacred sex, the goal is union and a spiritual connection.
  3. sweet couple connectingOnce you have completed the two initial steps mentioned above, it is time to create a sacred space where you and your partner can perform this ritual. The space appointed should contain the right mood and setting. It could be your bedroom combined with special bedding and perhaps even some soft music.
  4. Next up is the purification. This step involves both you and your partner becoming as clean as possible before the sexual activity commences. Try to run a hot bath with essential oils, and if possible, you and your partner can help clean each other.
  5. Once clean, you can enter the sacred space created in step three and start to explore each other’s body. Talk to each other, worship each other’s bodies, and honor each other, but practice respect and only do what you are permitted to do with your partner.
  6. Now, you should enter the foreplay phase of sacred sex. During this step, breathing should be aligned and the eyes should meet. Connect at a level that is deeper than the average physical connection – by looking into your partner’s eyes, you need to look into their soul.
  7. Slowly move from foreplay to intercourse. During intercourse, continue to worship each other’s bodies and remember that sacred sex has the goal of union and a connection at a spiritual level, and not just to reach orgasm.
  8. The intercourse session should become more intense as both reach heightened levels of spiritual connection and healing. Keep breathing in synchronization with each other and create that ultimate connection with the one person you love more than anything else.
  9. With sacred sex, ejaculation is not what ends the activity. Rather, the activity tends to build downwards gradually, and it is not necessary for ejaculation during this sexual act. Afterplay, however, should commence once the steamy session has “cooled down.”
  10. Finally, after the act has been completed, the next step is to share other types of sexual pleasures. Many couples also enjoy some fine wine and food after they have had sacred sex. Also, don’t forget that a good testosterone booster like Male UltraCore can improve the performance drastically.

Final Words

sensual and erotic coupleWhile sex always seems good at the start of a relationship, couples tend to become bored with each other and often find that their sex lives become dull the longer they stay committed to each other. This is often one of the primary reasons why someone would cheat on their partner or walk away from the relationship.

While these are unfortunate events, it is important to note that it is possible for a couple to reconnect and claim back the sex life they had in the beginning.

Through the practice of sacred sex, many couples have found a way to connect with each other in a way that traditional sexual intercourse is unable to provide – a spiritual and more intimate connection than they have ever experienced before.

Sacred sex might be a little weird when you only learned about it and it may take some time, patience, and effort to perfect this technique. But once you and your partner understand the basics of sacred sex, you will be able to greatly benefit from the spiritual healing powers that this type of sexual activity can provide.

In this article, we have taken a look at what exactly sacred sex is, a form of sexual intercourse that is based on ancient practices, and we considered how practicing this type of sex could be beneficial to your current relationship. We also provided the ten most essential steps that people have to take in order for them to become acquainted with sacred sex, and to help you get started as soon as tonight.

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