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Swingers . . . For Beginners

by healthymensinfo

It may have come up in conversation; it could have been your idea or hers.
The reasoning might be to input a little spark back into the relationship or that you have both come to the decision to try something new.

Is it going to work? Can we handle it? How do you begin? Will you enjoy? What are the consequences?

Swinging can go one or two ways – good or bad. It is important to discuss thoroughly, set boundaries and involve people you are BOTH comfortable with. It can be an exciting experience if you get it right. To ensure you have enough energy to go around, try taking male enhancement pills to boost your libido.

These are all sensible questions to ask yourself and each other before you take the plunge into the deep end, it is better to look into all the possibilities and anticipate potential outcomes as swinging is known to confuse relationships and break weak links, completely.

Analyse the strength of your relationship

Are you both active individuals who are capable of sharing? Have you been together a while or is this a fresh arrangement? Are you positive that you understand each other? Have you established any terms? Will either party become jealous? Have you tried a threesome first?

A serious discussion

It is no good chit chatting about this lightly, nor is it suggested to mention while being intoxicated. Alcohol is an easy way to misinterpret things, so ensuring that you are both serious is a must.

Be sensitive! Having consideration for your partner is highly important. Ask questions and find out if there are any insecurities or obstacles – you do not want a situation to arise when it is too late.

Final agreement

Most couples who go ahead into the ‘swinging world’ do so with a code word. Once the terms have been laid out, and you are sure that you have communicated any concerns by clearly speaking about boundaries and drawing an invisible line where, if at any point, someone wants to stop and get out, they can.

Searching for swingers

After you are 100% confident that this is what you both wish to do, you can begin to research for like-minded people.

Like-minded individuals

swingers(a)Obviously, you do not want to be getting mixed up with people who are not open to multiple relationships and sexual experimentation. There are certain cultures of individuals that are liberated and open-minded to this level of exploration – (unluckily, it is not as common as one man one woman relationship).

It is best to find the professionals and persons with experience as to avoid winding up with amateurs like you if no-one really knows what they are doing then things can get messy quickly! Try and find a couple who can show you the ropes.

Where to find people that swing

You can pretty much search the internet for anything these days, and this is a good place to start to look for clubs and venues that host events particular for parties interested in swinging.

Unfortunately, it is not a case of going to any bar and expecting the first couple you find to be ‘up for it’ (sadly, we do not live in this world). However, there may be the lucky occasion where this might be the case!

But overall, it is best to attend a space that specifies a general interest of the guests as to avoid confusion or miscued ideas.

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Now you are all set

It is time to enjoy, go with the flow, relax and discover! If you are both comfortable with the experience, this could be a life changing and liberating game changer!

The benefits of swinging

You have entered a world of multiple relationships minus the negativity and jealousy or deceit of cheating. Not everyone will understand it if you try to express to your family or friends, in fact, people may just think you are weird – but nine times out of ten, they are probably just extremely envious of your strength as a couple to be able to indulge fully in what makes you happy in life!

Know when to stop

If you wish to keep your exclusive relationship in tact with your partner, then it is essential always to keep them in the picture i.e. not go sneaking off with a member and doing anything without consent – this is where things can become messy and complicated.
Give yourselves credit for having a go. Opt for natural herbs instead of Viagra. Find out if it is for you and if it isn’t then move on!

To make sure you do not create insecurities be sure to keep up to date with one another about your feelings and if at any point anyone becomes unhappy, simply use your code word and call it a day! At least you can look back and give yourselves credit for trying it out.

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