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Signs She’s Crushing on You and Only You

by healthymensinfo

Women can be hard to read. Is she just being nice? Is she flirting with me? Is she available? It’s not always easy to tell. The thing is, women flirt all the live long day, even if she’s in a committed relationship. Men do the same. It feeds our value and reminds us we’ve still got it goin’ on…So how do you know a girl is truly interested in you and not just using you for validation? There are some tell tale signs that she’s attracted to you for real and here they are:

1. She treats you differently

This could be in a good way or a bad way. Notice how she’s interacting with everyone else around you and then compare that to how she treats you. She will either be giving you more attention than everyone else, or less attention. It’s a good sign, either way. She might know for a fact that she will get nervous if she speaks to you, so maybe she ignores you all together. This will seem like she doesn’t like you, but she’s really just being shy. Observe what her natural character should be and notice if it changes when you’re talking to her. This is the number one way to know if she’s singling you out.

2. She ups her appearance

One of the number one ways women try to impress a man she’s interested in is through her appearance. We know we’re pretty, but we want you to know as well. If you know how she usually dresses and grooms herself, notice if she ups her game when she knows you will be hanging out. Maybe she’s wearing some suggestively sheer tights, or maybe she’s got some deep red lipstick on. This is subtle, but trust me. We’re doing it on purpose.

3. She’s suggestive

There’s a difference between flirting for leisure and flirting for results. Girls and guys like to flirt for fun, mainly because it makes them feel valuable as a person. People flirt with people they aren’t attracted to because it’s just plain old fun. But how do you know if she’s flirting for work and not for play? She will suggest doing things in the real world and not just in flirty land. She might say “Hey, I’m going to this concert tonight, you should come!” She’s planting seeds of suggestion here. She wants you to ask her out.

4. She gets tongue tied

Ever notice when watching someone speaking in front of a crowd, they’re totally stumbling over their words? The speech might even be a little disjointed and not really make sense. When a girl is really attracted to a guy, especially upon first meeting him, she will feel like she is on stage in front of thousands of people. She might be over compensating and talk too fast or she might look like she doesn’t know what to say. Either way. It’s a good sign.

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