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Shower Sex Demystified

by healthymensinfo

Shower sex is fun. Everything is more slippery, there’s suds and soap and you can see every inch of her. Here are the things you need to know before getting dirty under the tap.

Water isn’t a natural lubricant

You’re going to need a water based lube to get things slippery down there. Surprisingly, water does the exact opposite. It actually makes things more squeaky, it’s pretty unbearable and it will not feel good for either of you. Choose a thick lubricant or jelly, as this type of lubricant will last longer and stand up against the water and steam. Keep a bottle in your shower next to the body wash and you’ll always be prepared.

Stay safe with shower mats

Invest in some kind of shower mat. The last thing you want is to be hopping around on one foot, slip and then bust your head open. I know this tip is a little boring, but it will make the whole experience better. She will be able to relax more, knowing she won’t fall on her face mid-hump.

What about foreplay?

Making out under the spray of the shower head feels so awesome. Unlike tip number one, water makes your lips more slippery, which makes kissing very enjoyable. Also, get some soap and start cleaning her body, paying extra attention to her breasts and ass. This will turn her on more than ever.

The best position

It really does depend on what kind of shower you have. For the bathtub-style showers, having her lean forward with her hands on the wall right under the shower head while you grab her ass and fuck her from behind is always a good one. You’ll also be able to watch the water running down her body which will be so hot.

Give each other head

This works so well in the shower and clean up is a breeze! Make sure the receiver is not under the shower head, you don’t want to wash away the natural wetness that is going on. Get her on her hands and knees (this is also why you need a shower mat) and watch her body move back forth under the running water while she sucks you off.

Invest in a natural soap

I know, I know, boring again. But it might actually make your shower sex time a lot more foamy and fun. First of all, you don’t want to be lathering up her pussy in “Irish Spring”. Go for a fragrance-free castile soap that will save her lady parts from any potential irritation.

Spanking is more fun with soap

When you’re soaping her up, give her a few playful spanks. Spanking seems to feel more pleasurable in the shower. My guess is it’s because your skin is warm from the heat of the water, which makes the spank a lot more intense. What a crazy phenomenon. Plus it’s fun to slap the soap off of her.

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