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Should I Shave or Should I Grow?

by healthymensinfo
Should I Shave or Should I Grow?

Some of us men are hairier than others it is safe to say that is a fact! So what happens when we feel like we look like a gorilla with a carpet back? Do we pick up the razor and hop to it?

We all know that once we start, it is a never ending cycle! The hair grows back, and we have to keep up with it. The more we shave, the more it comes back – thicker and faster.

Let’s take a look at some of the unwanted hair issues for us men and see if and when it is absolutely necessary to shift the pubes . . .

Excessive bush


Some men produce more hair than others. Unfortunately, for most of us – we want to get rid and look clean in certain areas. But how do we determine how to get rid? And what about certain areas? Can male enhancements be the answer?

Why is it that hair just seems to do as it pleases?

If we want it to grow on our head – we go bald!

If we don’t want it on our face – we end up with it sneaking out of our ears and nose!

Chest hair, BACK HAIR – (people are going to start calling me a Gorilla or shouting “Hey, there! Carpet back!”)

And this is not at all funny, not to us, anyway.

It is just a never ending battle! And we know this is true because we have been dealing with it since puberty! The fight with hair certainly doesn’t get easier as we get older.

Unwanted hair

There is no question that as we age, they seem to appear in unwanted areas and disappear where they are, in fact, appreciated.

Our eyebrows get longer and wispier – things just start to get downright out of control! We go grey; we lose hair in all the right places and gain it in all the wrong places. So what do we do?

Understanding body changes

We as men need to come to terms with this issue. Take action and not allow matters to get out of hand. If we see that we are getting old and fast, then there are several things we can do to maintain our looks and confidence.

Some of us may wish to consider hair implants; some may use dye. Others might embrace the situation and opt to lob the whole lot off.

The hair on our head and face is one matter but what happens with the rest of it?

Afro pubic hair

It is not as if we can comb that area, shampoo and condition it. Seriously, what are we to do when it gets wild and out of control? Should we go full European and whack off the whole lot? Or should we just trim?

“It makes me look small!”


A lot of men chose to shave off their pubic hair to allow the full length of their penis to show aka make them look and feel bigger.

It’s hard to say whether this is even true – just because you cannot see passed the mass amount of pubic hair doesn’t mean to say that your penis looks any different with regards to size.

The reason some of us have more hair than others is simply that of testosterone production. You can increase your testosterone naturally by using supplements.

It all depends on how you feel and if it does affect your confidence with regards the length of your manhood, then give it a try! Some men like to rid the whole thing, but the sad thing is that, (with shaving), you are opening yourself to risks of cutting yourself (and open wounds can lead to infection).

There is also the itchiness of dealing with the ‘grow back.’

Is there a solution?

So for this, the suggestion is to try simply to trim, or you could endure the pain of waxing. For what it is worth, waxing rids the hair for longer, and when it does decide to grow back, it is much finer, lighter and less itchy.

Then you have the wonderful world of enhancement supplements! Some men who claim that once they regularly start using natural herbs that not only do they notice a difference in their overall energy but also see that they grow a matter of inches in length and girth!

Why do some of us have more hair than others?

You could see this as a blessing and embrace the fact. There are a number of natural products on the market to help keep your luscious locks tamed, hygienic and manageable. (Remember beards are currently in).

If you are lucky enough to have the choice of whether you have hair or nay, it is down to genetics and the fact that some men produce more testosterone than others.

How can I produce more Testosterone?

Luckily for some, today there are male enhancements that are available to purchase that are made of organic extracts. Because they are plant based, these pills are 100% safe to use and are a much better option than risking taking prescribed drugs that may have horrid side effects.

Testosterone levels naturally decide to reverse when we arrive in our mid 30’s when production at this time comes to a halt and then decreases as we get older. There are many effects felt by us men and some choose to opt out by staying fit and healthy which helps supplements to work at their best once they begin the process of incorporating them into their lifestyle.

What are the other benefits of Testosterone?

Other than growing hair, Testosterone is also the hormone that assists in gaining muscle, energy and strength, stamina, semen production and quality.

More than anything, testosterone is what makes us men! And is what causes our sexual urges, desires and boosts the libido.

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