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Should I Get Penis Surgery to Get Bigger?

Should I Get Penis Surgery to Get Bigger?

Any man with a below-average penis has surely asked this question, and they’ve probably been met with the same likely responses: “it works, but it could be dangerous.”
And even when you know the dangers of penile surgery, the thought of having a larger penis all but draws them in that direction. Who could blame them?
We, as a society, have made it a fact that men need a large penis to be able to satisfy their loved one, and anything less than 5 inches in simply inadequate.
So if your penis is 4 inches or less, here are some things to consider about penile surgery, as well as some alternatives:

Are You Sure You Really Need it? Have You Researched it Enough?

If you’re seriously considering penile surgery, are you sure you need it?
The average size of the male member is 5.7 inches, so if you fall considerably below that mark, it could be a good idea to look toward methods to increase the size of it, and perhaps surgery could be an option.
But if you researched it even a little bit, you know the potential side-effects that you face by getting surgery.
You could encounter problems such as:
– Loss of ability to get and obtain an erection
– Loss of the ability to have an orgasm
– Inability to get a hard erection
These are serious problems that could be permanent if you look to surgery as a solution for your lack of penis size.

Have You Looked at All-Natural Solutions like Male Enhancement Pills?

Rather than going with painful and potentially life ruining alterations, another alternative is may be just as effective and 100% safe is using male enhancement pills.
A lot of male enhancement pills won’t work as well as the top 20%, but if you find a group of pills that work well for you, it’ll save your sex life indefinitely.
Certain pills can make your penis larger, certain pills can increase your sex-drive and libido, and some do all of the above.
The following male enhancement pills have been shown to increase your sex-drive and libido significantly, as well as aiding in the blood-flow to the penis, increasing erection quality:
– Formula 41 Extreme (hyperlink these)
– Libido Booster Extreme
– Instant Erection
– Sexual Overdrive
– FCK Power and FCK Forever


So if you’re considering penile surgery, you need to think long and hard about what you’re about to go through.
Do you want to sit through months of rehab sessions? Do you want to risk all of the negative and permanent side-effects?
If not, it’s probably a smarter idea to turn to all-natural male enhancement products like the ones listed above. They’ll offer roughly the same results, except without all of the nasty side-effects.


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