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She’s in your Apartment…Now What.

by healthymensinfo
She’s in your Apartment…Now What - Healthymensinfo

You just had an amazing date with an amazing girl. You suggest going back to your place for drink and she agrees it’s a good idea. You make your way up to your apartment, the sexual tension is palpable. You unlock the door and she giggles as you almost drop the keys on the floor. There you are, incredibly nervous and not sure what will happen next. Here’s how to not royally mess it up…

Put music on immediately

Doesn’t really matter what it is. You just had a good time on your date, and you don’t want the party to end, do you? Cut the awkward silence by making a beeline to your docking station and turn on some beats. It will keep her excited and in a good mood.

Make her a drink


Even if she says no. Make her a drink anyway. Just tell her you’ll leave it on the table just in case she wants a sip. You’re not doing this to “get her drunk”. It’s only one drink so it won’t do much. You’re doing this to make her more comfortable with her decision to possibly sleep with a man she just met on the first date. She may only have one sip, but that will be enough of an excuse for her to go for it and not be judged too hard by her friends the next day.

Give her a tour

Don’t go straight to your bedroom. Start in a common space, the kitchen or on a patio. Show her every room in your apartment, even the closets. She will be judging you like crazy while you do this. Every little thing is going to tell her something about you. When the tour is done, she will feel closer to you and will trust you more since you seem to have nothing to hide.

Let her go to the bathroom

When she first gets to your apartment, tell her “the bathroom is just over there if you need to use it.” She will most likely go for it right away. Women always need a little bit of time to “freshen up”. She might feel awkward doing it later when you’re about to get intimate. By giving her the chance to do it right away, she will feel more confident and relaxed from the get go.

Tell her you want to show her something


When things start heating up between you, it might be time to move things into the bedroom. A good way to do this is to tell her “I wanna show you something cool, come on”. Lead her to your bedroom, keep the lights off and start to make out with her. See? THAT’S the thing you wanted to show her. She won’t even question it. Tell her how gorgeous you think she is. Complimenting her will boost her confidence and make her more willing to continue on to dirtier things.

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