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When Sex Makes You Feel Sad

by Healthy Mens Info Staff

Sex is supposed to make you feel all sorts of positive emotions. So if you see your partner going through post-sex blues, you know how uncomfortable and frustrating that can be. Post-coital dysphoria (PCD) or post-coital tristesse is usually associated with women. But it can happen to you, too.

Post-coital dysphoria happens when you feel deeply agitated, sad, or anxious after consensual sex. There are also men who feel aggression, tearfulness, and even emptiness right after making love with their partner. Below you’ll find out more details about this intriguing condition.


Post-coital dysphoria, also referred to as post-coital tristesse or post-sex blues, happens when you experience intense or enduring negative emotions after an otherwise satisfactory sexual encounter.

This means that the act of sex itself was enjoyable and pleasurable. Yet, for some reason, you feel sad, distressed, agitated, anxious, angry, aggressive, tearful, or empty. What’s confusing about it is that satisfying sex is supposed to make you feel good. But when you experience post-coital dysphoria, all these negative emotions just well up.

In some cases, the episode may last for a few hours after orgasm. It can make you want to physically distance yourself from your partner. Unfortunately, there are those who handle it by becoming physically or verbally abusive towards their partner.

One theory about the possible cause of post-coital dysphoria indicates that the condition may be a result of unconscious conflicts about one’s sexuality. According to this theory, instead of causing feelings of relaxation and satisfaction, sex causes tension and frustration due to the individual’s sexual conflicts.

These conflicts may include repressed sexual desires and fears of losing control during orgasm. For women, it may also include deep-seated fears of pregnancy and childbirth. Because of these conflicts regarding one’s sexuality, sex may become a source of guilt or anxiety. This, in turn, can result in irritability or depression manifested as post-sex blues.

Preliminary research indicates that post-coital dysphoria is most likely to happen following casual or clandestine sex wherein the couple doesn’t typically engage in post-sex intimacy.

In contrast, experts note that when couples engage in intimate acts like cuddling, kissing, or even just talking after sex, it can lead to increased relationship and sexual satisfaction.

Post-Coital Dysphoria is Quite Common

When Sex Makes You Feel SadIt’s definitely not something new, but it’s not well-studied either. Researchers are still in the process of gaining more knowledge about post-coital dysphoria. What is known is that post-coital dysphoria is actually common, both in women and men.

In 2011, it was revealed that the prevalence of post-coital dysphoria in women was as high as almost 33%. The findings of this study, which involved more than 200 female university students, were published in the International Journal of Sexual Health.

Ten percent of the participants reported that they experienced post-sex blues within the last four weeks. What’s alarming is that 32.9% of the female students said they experienced post-coital dysphoria at least once in the past.

Post-Coital Dysphoria in Men

Recently, one study published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy showed that the prevalence of post-coital dysphoria in men may actually be higher than in women. This study involved an international sample of more than 1,200 men.

Through an anonymous online questionnaire, the researchers found that 41% of the participants experienced post-coital dysphoria at least once in their lifetime. On the other hand, 20% of the participants said they had an episode of post-coital dysphoria within the last four weeks.

In addition, the researchers reported that 3% to 4% of the male participants regularly experienced post-coital dysphoria. Comparing these results with the results of the previous study involving female participants, the incidence of post-coital dysphoria is almost 8% higher in men than in women.

Although the exact causes of post-coital dysphoria in men are not yet fully established, the researchers found a strong association between post-coital dysphoria and childhood sexual abuse. Current psychological distress and sexual dysfunction were also associated with post-coital dysphoria.

The researchers further concluded that how men experience the resolution phase of sex may actually be far more varied and complex than what was previously believed.

Making Sex More Satisfying

When Sex Makes You Feel SadCuddling and kissing after sex do wonders for increasing your sexual and relationship satisfaction. But you’ll most probably be even more sexually satisfied if you can make love with your partner over and over again without getting tired or flaccid.

Aside from your skills in bed, your sexual stamina is one of the most important factors that can affect how satisfying sex can be. Even if you’ve got the most powerful thrusts or the hardest 10-inch erection, if you last only a few minutes in bed, it can leave your partner wanting for more.

An herbal supplement is one of the best ways for you to improve your sexual stamina. Known as a safe male sexual enhancement supplement, this can give help increase your sexual stamina.

That’s because it contains damiana, which is scientifically known as Turnera diffusa and popularly used as an aphrodisiac. Damiana can help reduce your refractory time or the time you need to recover after ejaculating. This means that you’ll be able to last for several rounds of passionate lovemaking if you take these supplements.

Not only that, it also contains powerful libido-enhancers so you won’t have any problems with waning sexual desire. And if you’re worried about not being able to achieve an erection when you need one, it can enhance your erectile function so you won’t have to worry about becoming flaccid.

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With these supplements, you will surely have the sexual stamina to fully satisfy your partner. Moreover, it contains energy-boosters like maca so that you won’t feel exhausted after sex. That means you’ll still have the energy to cuddle and kiss your partner even after hours of wild sex.

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