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Say Goodbye to Your Belly Fat for Good

by healthymensinfo

When it comes to fat loss, there’s only one consistent method that works – lifestyle change. The people who have successfully reached their weight loss goals share that one constant factor that makes a difference. They ate healthier foods, consumed fewer calories and exercised regularly.

Your discipline to drastically switch to a different lifestyle will be the one to pick you up whenever your motivation cannot keep up. Patience is also crucial, especially because belly fat is the last part of your body that gets slimmed down; at least it is for most people.

You cannot just specifically make your belly fat your primary objective when it comes to fat loss. All you can do here is to stick to a few effectual guidelines and wait for your body fat percentage to plummet. When this happens, your body can finally begin to send those last reserves of belly fat away. Because you’ve already established the needed discipline, commitment, and patience to even reach this point, it will be easier for you to maintain a leaner and a healthier body sans the belly fat.

Craving for something sweet? Eat fruit instead!

preview-full-obesity-625_625x350_81419951021We all have that sweet craving that’s just hard to shake off. But when it comes to being conscious of your calorie intake, remember that ¼ of most people’s daily calorie consumption comes from sugary drinks and candies. By letting these go, you’re simply sparing yourself of 800-1600 calories per day, which is great. You can even drop more, depending on how great you are with portion control.

While a 2-liter bottle of Coke or other carbonated drinks is around 800 calories, a banana has only 100 calories, strawberries (100g) has 33 calories, and an apple is even just under 100. These are delicious alternatives, too, and can make you feel full in a good way. So, instead of going for sweets with blockbuster calories, settle with fruits instead for some obvious reasons.

Make your own food for healthier options

We all know that the foods we have at home and the ones we prepare ourselves are healthier than the ones we eat at fast foods and even at restaurants. Thus, why don’t you make it a habit to do your own cooking?

Instead of always eating out just because it’s easier, allot some time to prepare your own food with carefully chosen ingredients. Not only is this cheaper, it is also way healthier.

You can fill up your freezer and pantry with healthy food items. Set the whole week for home-cooked meals. You can even prepare meals that can last for a couple of days, you just need to heat them up if you’re always on-the-go.  At least they’re healthier and you know what’s in them because you made them yourself.

Find time to stretch and meditate when stressed or exhausted


Static stretches are vital after every workout, but they can also be done when you’re feeling a little troubled. It is a fact that 10-15 minutes of stretching can help relieve joint aches and muscle soreness, as well as soothe your mind.

It is also ideal to end your stretches with a 10-minute period of slow breathing. Set yourself in your most comfortable position and clear your mind and concentrate on counting each breath. Start over from one when you finish counting up to ten. Visualize the numbers on a huge white screen as you count. One important thing you have to learn is stress management in order to sustain your body and mind’s overall health. Plus, knowing how to manage stress prevents emotional eating.

Make it a habit to walk for 1-2 hours daily

This is the easiest habit you can start doing in order to improve your heart and help you manage your weight. Though it doesn’t torch as much as calories compared to more intense workouts, it’s easier so this is more doable on your part. You’ll be less likely to skip it – what other lame excuse could you come up with for not allotting an hour or two to just walk, right?

Do cardio while glued on a show

Nothing beats an intense cardio where you keep your heart elevated for about 10-20 minutes. Running is all good, but it can be a bit difficult on the joints, so you find some reasons not to do it. But if you can do cardio while tuned on a show or maybe an audio book, it becomes easier. Plus, you take out the boredom from the equation.

Sleep will always be part of the recipe for fat loss

By sleeping well, you’re reducing stress, enhancing focus, and keeping your metabolism high. You’re also enabling your body to control  its complex biochemistry. Without sufficient rest, you’re making it harder for your body to physically and mentally function during the day. You’re likely to miss your workout sessions and load yourself up with caffeine and other “comfort” foods to make you feel better. Not good. Plus, think about it – the earlier you tuck yourself to sleep, the less cravings you’ll have and the greater you feel in the morning.

You’ll need to commit to these changes if you want to lose the belly fat once and for all. It’s not just going to go away on its own. No magic pills or machines can help you get rid of it. It has to be full-on efforts and dedication on your part. You need to trim down your calorie intake, enhance your digestion, torch a great deal of energy, and boost your metabolism in order to eliminate that persistent fat on your belly. If you stick to these guidelines and stay true to your weight loss and health goals, that flab on your tummy will have its days numbered – and it will be the second best feeling in the world, next to winning the lottery.

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