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Reviewing SlimFast Shake: Is it Harmless and Effectual?

by healthymensinfo
Reviewing SlimFast Shake: Is it Harmless and Effectual?

Defining SlimFast Shake

SlimFast Shake is a meal replacement shake that promotes weight loss by replacing 1-2 of your regular meals daily. This basically works by lessening your daily caloric intake. It is equipped with all the important nutrients to maintain your health while losing weight at the same time. This way, you are ensured that your weight loss process is still safe and healthy.

The maker of this meal replacement shake says that this product with a significant amount of protein mix can able to make you feel full for up to four hours. That’s why replacing 1-2 regular meals with this product is highly efficient to secure you’re healthy while losing weight in the long run. This is just what the manufacturer promises to customers.

In order to help you decide whether to give this meal replacement shake a try or move on to the next option, we have made a review about SlimFast Shake.

Getting to Know its Manufacturer & its Claims

SlimFast Shake Ingredients

SlimFast Shake is created by SlimFast. Judging from the name of the company and its product, there shouldn’t be any confusion. SlimFast is known for producing weight-loss products that include packaged meals, shakes, snacks, bars, and other dietary supplements. These are being retailed in US and UK. As mentioned, SlimFast products are for people who are looking for alternatives to lose weight.

The company began operating in 1997 as Thompson Medical Company’s product line until it was sold to Unilever in 2000. In a 2003 study conducted by the North American Association, SlimFast Shake can really help people lose weight. The study showed that those who used SlimFast regularly for 10 years were lighter by 30 lbs compared to those who didn’t.

It is also stated that long-term use of SlimFast Shake can significantly contribute to your weight loss regimen, allowing you to lose 1-2 lbs every week.

Getting to Know SlimFast Shake Ingredients

SlimFast Shake’s serving includes 190 calories of proteins, fiber and 24 vitamins and minerals that are critical for the maintenance of one’s health. The good thing about SlimFast Shake is that it has three flavors to choose from – strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla.

SlimFast Shake’s total carbs is 24 grams, the proteins make up 10 grams, and the dietary fiber makes up about 5 grams. Vitamins on the other hand are composed of vitamins A, C, D, E, and K, though Vitamin C makes up most of the mix. Minerals are composed of Magnesium, Calcium, Manganese, and Zinc.

Chromium is also present in the formulation for suppression of appetite, which is critical in a weight loss product. Lastly, there’s 18 grams of sugar in the formulation that makes SlimFast Shake tastes good, or so it says.

Understanding How It Works

As stated earlier, SlimFast Shake is designed to help people in their weight loss programs by reducing their calorie consumption. Naturally, consuming high calories means weight gain. Thus, if you’re keen in really making physical and health changes, cutting down your calories in your every meal is important. Of course, this poses as a challenge, but thanks to meal replacement shakes like SlimFast Shake, losing weight is not as difficult as before. The only thing you need to do is use SlimFast Shake as a substitute for 1-2 of your daily meals.

What are the Good Things about SlimFast Shake?

SlimFast Shake facilitates weight loss by decreasing daily caloric consumption

It delivers proteins to the body crucial for the growth of muscles

The fiber and chromium in the formula are efficient for appetite control

What are the Bad Things about SlimFast Shake?

There are customers expressing their dissatisfaction of its taste

Fiber content is lower than other meal replacement shakes

What are the Side Effects?

Weight Loss Shake

There aren’t any side effects, at least not that we know of. It is essential to know that SlimFast Shake is not some sort of medication; it is only a meal replacement shake. Thus, it does not have any chemicals whatsoever that would make it unsafe. Since it is just a meal replacement shake, it only contains vitamins and minerals that we get from food.

When Can Results Be Visible?

SlimFast asserts that the outcome after taking their product can be seen after a week with a loss of 1-2 pounds. The efficiency of SlimFast Shake has already been studied and proven by the North American Association as mentioned. SlimFast Shake can support weight loss as long as used regularly for long-term duration.

Knowing SlimFast Shake’s Price

For 20 bottles of SlimFast Shake, the cost at Amazon.com is $39.07. If you want to buy less than 20 bottles, you can check out SlimFast Shake at Walmart. You can buy 8 bottles from there for $9.98. So, the cost may be different, depending on where you make a purchase.

Free Samples/Trials

Unfortunately, there are no free packs for SlimFast Shake. However, you can still have some discounts depending on the store. As mentioned earlier, prices vary and there may be huge discounts for some. You can even use coupons or gift cards.

Knowing What Customers Say about SlimFast Shake

SlimFast Shake is actually enjoying a large online following, especially on Amazon where there are reviews from 600 users. Over 300 people gave SlimFast Shake 5 stars, 155 gave the product 4 stars, and only 78 gave it a 1 star. Overall, positive reviews are prevalent while the root of the general complaint is the not-so-delicious taste.

Final Recommendation on SlimFast Shake

As mentioned, negative reviews about SlimFast Shake focused on its poor taste. Despite this, SlimFast Shake can still deliver quite well and is even more impressive as there’s a study that supports its claims. If what you’re looking is a meal replacement shake that’s safe, effective, and reasonably priced, SlimFast Shake is must be on the top of your selection.

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