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Refresh your home fitness routine with these home-friendly workouts!  

Refresh your home fitness routine with these home-friendly workouts!

Busy with work and kids? Do your workouts from home!

Who says that you need a gym membership to be fit? Home fitness is a great alternative for people with strict time constraints. Almost every ad you see on your home TV shopping are focused on home fitness – instructional DVDs, home fitness machines, even personal home saunas! The real question is – is it enough? Home fitness can definitely work for you if you know how to maximize your exercise routine. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to make home fitness your go-to routine to get the body you want.

Choosing your home fitness routine

Workouts from home can be done as a standalone fitness routine or as an add-on to your existing fitness regimen. Based on my experience, doing your workouts from home can become extremely boring and repetitive. The key to maintaining your enthusiasm for home fitness is by changing it up regularly. Look for several routines that you can do which would not bore you. Make things interesting by challenging yourself to reach milestones in your fitness plan. Here are some exercises you can do without enrolling yourself in a gym:


Tired of being stuck at home? Go for a run! Forget about treadmills – running can help you burn more calories than in a treadmill because it involves more effort on your part. Make things more interesting by inviting friends for a quick run. Home fitness does not mean that you would have to be stuck at home. To make running more effective, choose the right running shoe for your running style and take the best fat burning pills to make the most out of your workout.

Home Exercise Videos 

Forget fitness instructors. Home exercise videos have gone a long way from the workout videos from the 80s. Now, popular fitness instructors with specialized workouts can assist you while you work out. Some home exercise videos involve bodybuilding and cardio workouts. You don’t even have to buy DVDs – Youtube has plenty of home exercise videos filmed by fitness instructors. Check them out!


Instead of going to the gym to use a stationary bike, why not just buy a bike and go for a ride? Biking is also a great way to shape your legs and thighs, as well as burning fat in your target areas. Also, biking burns calories at a more efficient rate than running. Running burns calories faster, but biking burns calories in a more sustainable way for beginners. Bikers don’t tire as fast as runners and biking has less stress on your joints. Invest on a sturdy bike made from light materials and some safety gear as well.


The great thing about yoga is that you can do it even with just an instructional booklet about yoga. Yoga is such a useful tool for home fitness that many athletes practice yoga at home to improve their flexibility and muscle control. Yoga is also a good way to tone down your intensity in your workouts with its relaxing poses. If you have kids at home, try doing yoga with them to start them up with health and fitness.

Starting home fitness

Just like any routine, starting home fitness is the hardest. Certain adjustments would need to be made, and expect that it will take a significant portion of your time. Usually, it’s the first days of any fitness routine that makes people want to abandon the idea altogether. Expect that the first days of home fitness will involve pain – especially when you’re lifting weights. Even when you’re at home, as long as you do your routine the right way, you will experience some form of discomfort since your body is adjusting to your new activities.

Make the most out of home fitness

Let’s face it – nothing beats the gym when it comes to bringing workout results, but you can match your gym performance by taking the best fat burning pills that help you burn fat faster while you work out. Take LipoGenix Elite once a day to accompany your home fitness and get results faster.


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