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Random Ways to Get a Woman in the Mood for Sex

by John Gibson
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Let’s face it: It doesn’t take much for you as a man to be in the mood to have sex. As a matter of fact, men can get erect by just looking at an awkwardly shaped tomato, funny right? But true.

However, that doesn’t apply for the ladies; it’s a bit more complicated than that.

There are two factors that you need to carefully put into practice to get your partner in the mood.

First things first, it’s best to begin your prepping outside the bedroom. Because, you get to have the whole day to get them in the mood, rather than ten minutes in the bedroom, with no clothes on. Doing this would give you a better chance of getting your woman in the mood. So, you can start by making her feel special, beautiful, and loved throughout the day, and she will be halfway reared up the minute you both enter the bedroom.

Secondly, you need to place your focus on how well you bond with your partner. Sex isn’t always about the physical, you need to emotionally link together with your woman, most especially if you have been together for a while. When she feels loved, connected and at peace with you, it will make her more likely to want sex with you.

Let’s look at these expert tips on how to get a woman turned on physically and emotionally.

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Stare Into Each Other’s Eyes 


Eyes gazing does more than you think, it can be a bit arousing if you already have a connection with your partner. However, it’s best to do this when you are both relaxed, then you can go on and stare into each other’s eyes, for as long as – just don’t make it feel awkward. But, don’t fret yourself over this, allow yourself to feel vulnerable in the eyes of your partner, let your heart be open through your eyes, and that way, she would feel more at ease with you.

Eyes gazing is very important, because it is a sure way to stimulate intimacy.



Send Flirty Messages Throughout The Day

Remember the plan is to start turning her on from outside the house, and you can do this from the start of the day. You know what gets your partner in the mood; you understand her love and sex language better than anyone. So, you can start her day with flirty messages, that would surely leave her horny and waiting for you, however, if you aren’t sure of your texting skills, you can opt for cute innocuous messages, and pick it up from there. You can go from texts like “can’t wait to see you tonight” to “it’s going to be so sexy having your legs wrapped around me” or something very similar to these, that should get her excited.



So many people believhappy couple while in bede that physical affection brings a better feeling of closeness than sex. So when next you are out there spending time with a woman, you may want to test out this theory, and give her a hug, for about fifteen seconds. Hugs are supposed to increase sexual tension without actually leading to sex. The aim is to communicate to your partner that you still crave for them, outside a sensual setting, and this would definitely turn them on.


Make Use Of Water

You can take a walk along a lake or go to the beach and get all wet. Research has shown that being in close range of water creates a very relaxing feeling, and can alleviate libido-killing effects. So, it’s fairly understandable why you see those commercials on the TV featuring couples walking on a beach or lake when trying to advertise erectile dysfunction meditations.


Indulge Her Fantasies

According to research, most women think about sex, at least 20 times a day. And according to other research, about one in every five women have nasty things they are dying to explore in the bedroom. However, they are very scared to initiate the first move, so you might just need to take the first step. There are a million and one ways to show your partner that you are open to indulging in whatever fantasies she may have.

You can even see a porn movie together, or read up erotic stories on the internet. But if none of these yield the results you desire, then you can outrightly ask her if she has been dying to try anything naughty in the bedroom. The point is, never being afraid to communicate with your partner, she is after all yours.


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