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Prosvent Review: Are the claims true?

by healthymensinfo
Prosvent Review: Are the claims true?

Prosvent Inquiry

Scientific studies have revealed that 30 million members of the male populations are currently undergoing treatment for an enlarged prostate. More than 80% of them are currently in treatment for one of the many prostate disorders.Prosvent is said to be designed to provide an answer to this health crisis. Some of these include Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, prostatic carcinoma, and prostatitis. It can also alleviate many of the symptoms related to these various diseases. The formula was designed under the guidance of Dr. Larry May, a member of the Harvard Medical School Alumnus.The producers claim that this formula has the ability to support a healthy prostate and protect it against the many diseases that plague men today. It is also supposed to bring relief from the many side effects of prostate disorders. Prosvent says that the protective property combination in their formula is more potent than any other available.

Prosvent Properties and Actions


Phytosterols are derived from most all plants and one of the best forms is known as Beta-Sitosterol. It can stimulate the libido and shrink an enlarged prostate.Another male health promoting property is from Saw Palmetto which can inhibit the growth of a hormone related prostatic carcinoma and produce prostate shrinking effects.An Asian Ancient Asian medicine often called Stinging Nettle offers additional prostate health support. It has demonstrated an ability to do this through five separate methods simultaneously.Another popular groups of phytosterols are from Pygeum Africanum which functions as a powerful anti-proliferative agent. In addition to this, it helps relieve many of the symptoms related to urinating.Pumpkin Seed extract has been under scientific scrutiny which discovered its ability to dramatically slow the progress of prostate enlargement while reducing size by 1/3. It shields against continued growth through the inhibition of hormone conversions. Vitamin D can dramatically tame aggressive prostate carcinoma and prohibit tumorigenesis.Lycopene is a potent anti-oxidant respected by the scientific community.Zinc deficiencies are often found is men diagnosed with prostate issues.

The manufacturers say for best results take 1 pill two times each day.

Prosvent Upsides and Downsides


Prosvent Upsides

Consumers can find many great reviews for the efficacy of Prosvent.

Consumers can also review many research studies on the properties in it.

A Harvard Medical School Alumnus is head of the formula design team.

Displeased customers can ask for a refund within 30 days.

Prosvent Downsides

No research has been conducted on this supplement.

Many comments concerning the product are derogatory.

The company provides no more than 30 days to ask for a refund.

Prosvent is on the expensive end of the price spectrum.

Purchase Location

Several supplement websites offer Prosvent including the manufacturer website and Amazon. A 30-day supply is 60 capsules and costs $60.

Last Call

The ingredients have been examined; however, the end product has not been scientifically investigated for efficacy. While there is a large amount of praise for the use of this supplement, there are also many complaints about the manufacturer’s customer service. This may be due to the fact that it is costly and consumer have no more than 30 days to request reimbursement. This does not appear to be the wisest choice.

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