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Prosta-Max Review: Is it a hoax?

by healthymensinfo
Prosta-Max Review: Is it a hoax?

Prosta-Max Investigation

Prosta-Max is prostate support supplement designed to also enhance the facilitation of the urinary tract system. Country Life, the manufacturer, says that it is vegan friendly, gluten free, and kosher. It has been in this industry for going on 40 years.

This company states that the ingredients in their formula is derived from nature and hand-selected specifically for men who wish to take better care of their prostate. Prosta-Max is supposed to address and correct issues which plague BPH suffers. The results are fewer trips to the bathroom at night, no urine dribbling, and an increased ability to void the bladder fully.

If effective, this supplement is valuable to men of all ages. The prostate continues to grow all through life, but most men never give it second thought until their 50s. This is about the time that symptoms begin to emerge. Men, regardless of age or health, should proactively care for themselves.

Prosta-Max Properties and Actions


Stinging Nettle, also referred to as Urtica Dioica, decreases inflammation of the prostate gland. This releases pressure upon the urethra and enables the free flow of urine. Scientists have revealed that Stinging Nettle slows malignant growths inside the prostate gland as well as disables cancer cell migration abilities.

The exterior of a specific cherry tree provides a compound named. Pygeum Africanum. It is a type of sterol that offers health benefits to the entire body. Plant sterols have been proven to lower the rate of tumor development by prompting actions that prevent proliferation in mutated cells.

The Saw palmetto fruit is a berry that contains a number of useful properties. They maintain healthy hormonal levels to diminish the possibilities of malignant survival and development. They activate actions that decrease inflammation and improve urine flow.

Copper is an essential mineral which facilitates numerous vital functions of the body. It cuts down the risks of developing carcinoma; however, new testing shows additional potentials. The cells of tumors eagerly consume copper which can serve as fuel for pharmaceuticals that eliminate malignant cells.

Prosta-Max Assets and Deficits


Prosta-Max Assets

The Prosta-Max is formulated with botanicals properties which are seen in nature.

There is a great deal of praise for this supplement.

This solution is one that is very low cost.

The nutrients and vegetal properties have been studied by scientists.

Prosta-Max Deficits

Prosta-Max has not undergone human trials.

Customers are not told the precise level of each property.

Prosta-Max is not completely compliant with by the state of California and Prop 65.

Consumers do not appear to be able to receive a refund, if they are unhappy with the results.


Prosta-Max appears to offer a great many health benefits to maintain the prostate. The individual components are proven effective, but the resulting formula is not. There is no refund available; however, this is one of the cheapest supplements on the market. It may be valuable to provide support for the proper facilitation of both the prostate and the urinary system.

Last Vote

This is one of the most cost effective prostate health support solutions on the market. Research shows that the individual ingredients offer many potential health benefits. Though Country Life does not honor a refund, it may be worth taking a shot for this price.

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