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Premium Green Coffee Bean – How effective are these pills and are they safe?

by healthymensinfo
Premium Green Coffee Bean - How effective are these pills and are they safe?

It is important to find a product that both works and is not in any way harmful when it comes to buying a holistic product. This is when reviews become helpful and can offer you the final piece of advice you might need when making that purchase decision. To know someone who can offer you information based on clinical trials and their results as well as in depth research can put your mind at ease and allow you to invest confidently in any kind of supplement. Now you can understand all you need to know about the different ingredients and formulas

Product overview

Lose weight

Premium Green Coffee Bean claims to use 50% chlorogenic acid to help you start burning fat and lose unwanted weight.

If you were to compare to the beans used to make a morning coffee then it turns out that green coffee beans are, in fact, unroasted and are said to contain high levels of chlorogenic acid. This Substance is claimed to possibly inhibit glucose-6-phosphatase which is an enzyme that promotes the formation of sugar in the liver.

In addition, it also slows the absorption of fat from the foods you eat and because of this, as a dietary supplement this product states that it contains 50% chlorogenic acid in each one-capsule serving which will help you lose weight and feel great while doing so.

This remedy is supposedly manufactured in the USA in a GMP-certified lab and uses only 100% pure and natural ingredients without the use of fillers or additives. There is no risk of potentially harmful side effects.


Premium Green Coffee Bean - Ingredients

The formula consists of the following components: Green Coffee Bean Extract, GCA (less than 5% caffeine) (50% chlorogenic acids).

Other elements include: Vegetable Cellulose.

There are no fillers or artificial substances within this combination of ingredients.

Even though there is a small amount of caffeine involved,this still doesn’t make this product 100% stimulant free and for this reason we would ask persons sensitive to stimulants to find an alternative supplement.


The recommended daily dose is one capsule per day, with or without food and costs $24.99 plus shipping for a sixty capsule container that will give you approximately a two month supply.


It is always encouraged with any type of natural remedy to remember that the best way to lose weight is through maintaining a healthy diet and conducting regular exercise. There is no evidence is available showing the effectiveness of chlorogenic acid in helping you to lose weight. However, the best supplement of this nature has been scientifically proven through clinical trials is Flat Belly which only charges $19.95 for a one month supply! This amazing product uses a unique and safe blend of natural herbs including Psyllium Husk and Mangosteen – avoiding the use of stimulants – in order to suppress the appetite and allow you to control your diet. To top it all off, this product used to cost $79.95 and therefore you will be saving an outstanding amount if $60!

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