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Planning your workout meals

What should you eat before and after working out?

Any athlete would tell you that aside from working out, the food that you eat is also important in ensuring that you’re getting the best gains for your training. With literally hundreds of diet guides, it’s a challenge to pick the best diet program to work with, as well as choosing the right diet program to work with your bodybuilding targets.

As you know by now, nutrition is a complex subject, but at HealthyMensInfo, we are always looking for ways to make complex things simpler. That’s why we have compiled the best, one-meal-fits-all diet regimen that you could use for your training.

Energy-boosting foods

Back in your primary school days, you were taught about Go, Grow, and Glow foods. Now it’s time to apply that knowledge with your workout meals. The king of pre-workout foods is always a serving of banana. The banana is the nature’s equivalent to your usual energy bar, and it can keep you fuelled for the rest of your workout. In addition, the banana not only provides you with the energy boost that you need, it also acts as a natural appetite suppressant, which prevents you from eating excessively.

As always, it’s good to take your calories in solid food as opposed to taking it in liquid beverages, like soda and energy drinks. It makes your weight a lot easier to manage, and you won’t suffer from the nasty drawbacks of absorbing your calories too quickly.

Recommended foods: Banana, oats, Wholegrain bread

Fat burning drinks

If your objective is to trim down your body fat, then you shouldn’t miss out on drinks containing caffeine like Coffee and Tea. Caffeine acts like a catalyst that jumpstarts lipolysis, or the conversion of stored fat into bioavailable energy for your muscles. Caffeine is a common ingredient in the best fat burning supplements, and you shouldn’t forget to include it in your diet plan unless you’re sensitive to caffeine, or your body reacts differently towards caffeine. Just be mindful of the sugar you put in your coffee or tea. Too much sugar can give you a little jolt of energy, but it could also increase the amount of fat stored in your body.

Recommended drinks: Coffee, Tea


At this day and age, you simply cannot afford to miss out on the best muscle building supplements. Supplements give you that extra boost in performance, which is important when you’re chasing a bodybuilding goal. Almost everyone involved in bodybuilding and exercise has used some form of supplements at one point. Supplements have gone from an optional performance enhancement method, to your go-to product to increase performance. The best supplements for muscle gain exponentially increase your strength, performance, and recovery, which are crucial aspects of bodybuilding. Make sure that you check out products like NitroGenix 365 for bodybuilding and LipoGenix Elite for fat burning.

Maximize your progress at the gym by simply eating the right foods at the right time. This guide is made to simplify the complex nutrition process. If you have special needs for nutrition, it’s always best to ask your nutritionist or your sports physician for their advice.


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