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Painful Sex Experiences You Never Want to Go Through

by John Gibson
couple scream during sex

Sex is meant to be pleasurable, insane, amazing, exhilarating, and euphoric. But what if your most awaited magical moment will turn into an agonizing nightmare? Basically, anything can happen in the bedroom and not all your expectations are met. And when something totally goes wrong, chill out. Your experience may not be as bad as the following revelations that some of these honest guys went through.

1. Popped balls

Have you injured yourself during sex? Most guys may haven’t but there are those unlucky ones whose bedroom trip ends up as a trip to the ER. After hearing a faint pop, this guy felt pain in his balls. Turns out he broke a blood vessel in his balls. For days, he was carrying not only enormous but painful balls that took time to heal.

2. Bleeding skin

Some guys get excited with hot and wild chicks. But what if they turned a little beasty and claw you until your skin bleed? Yes, this can happen. One guy endured the pain when his girl kept scratching his back with her long fingernails during sex. He told her how she hurt him but wouldn’t listen until she noticed the blood. If your girl has long fingernails, you better make her aware not to hurt you when you’re both into it.

3. Tooth squeeze

Blowjobs are supposed to be fun. You may imagine of soft fiery lips and playful tongue. But what if the girl uses her teeth to squeeze your penis and ends up biting your dick? You can hardly imagine how painful it can be. It did happen to a guy whose penis got sore after his girl gave him the blowjob of a lifetime. So, size up your girl before asking for one.

sex on the beach4. Sandy penis

You might think sex on the beach looks cool but think again. When you’re too hot to even notice where your dick falls on the ground, you may end up having sands in your dick and into her. This is just what happened to a couple who got naughty at the beach. For days, they endure their hurting genitals caused by the sands that got in the way.

5. Slippery floor

Shower sex is just appealing the way actors portray it in the movies. But unlike a movie set where every detail in the shower is designed for safety purposes, your shower may not be the best set. You may possibly slip during the act just like this guy who hurt his ass after falling. What’s worse, his girl fell on top of him too. And this doubled the pain.

But this experience is nothing compared to what happened to the other duo during shower sex. His girl slipped and obtained a cut from his razor. When she grabbed for a band aid, she slipped again. This time she hurt her head, which made them rush to the ER. She ended up having fifty stitches on her head. If shower sex is in your bucket list, just be extra careful.

6. Squeezed nipples

Does your girl find your nipples cute? Hold on, she might hurt you in bed. While at the peak of their sexual performance, this guy got distracted by his girl’s movement. She started to pinch his nipples. Not quite satisfied, she went on squeezing them, burying her fingernails on his flesh. It’s up to you to imagine what he felt more, pleasure or pain?

7. Unstoppable

You’re a gentleman. Hands down to you. Because of this, you allow her to come first before you. But what if she’s taking the opportunity too much? While on top of him, this girl just kept on going even after he came. He even requested for some time to rest but she just wouldn’t stop. His penis got sore for days.

8. Inexperienced

woman suclking on lollipop, mock blowjobThis is another blow job pleasure that turned into displeasure. It’s his girl’s first time to give a blow job. He’s lucky to have her virgin mouth. But do first times any luckier? She threw up on his dick after the performance. The penis might have hit her gag reflex. That’s why.

9. Braces

Is the above blow job story the worst? It might not be. What if the girl giving you a blow job wears braces and doesn’t care whether she’s hurting you or not? This girl was completely carried away by her performance that she gave everything, braces and all. Those wires did hurt his penis and made it sore for days.

10. Cramped legs

What about stretching your muscles before having a long night with your girl? This story will tell you why it’s important. While in the middle of their sex, this guy’s legs started to cramp. He realized he’s having muscle spasms. To relieve himself of the pain, he has to get up and do some stretches. But it was too late, the pain didn’t subside all through the night, which totally wreck their intimate moment together.

11. Bent in half

Girl on top? This position gives you a pleasing view but when your penis quickly come out and she roughly came back down, what do you think will happen next? Well, it can fracture your penis. This unlucky guy’s penis was bent in half when his girl quickly came down. They went to the ER and found he had a penile fracture. Does staying under always fun?

12. Frozen

Sex accessories can be fun, like using sex toys to enhance the pleasure or furniture to make you more comfortable. But when it comes to ice cubes, you should be wary. You might end up with a frozen penis just like what this guy went through after his girl experimented with hot and cold manipulation on his penis. The experiment didn’t go so well. His penis got numb and cold and was accompanied by terrible pain.

The accounts above are truly horrifying, but you can’t define sex by just one freaking experience. Just like any other aspects of life, anything can happen during sex. What matters is you can learn from them and laugh at them when your mind wanders to remembering them.

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