ginger tea with lemon and mint

5 Popular Athletic Performance Boosting Alkaloids

Did you know that cocaine is an alkaloid? Alkaloids are nitrogen-containing compounds made by plants. Other examples of alkaloids include nicotine, caffeine, strychnine, methamphetamine, morphine, and ephedrine. One might think…

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male runner sprinting with good form

How Running Affects You Between the Sheets

Have you been thinking about taking up running? Maybe you don’t know where to start, or maybe you’re worried about potential negative side effects. You might be worried about endurance….

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man screaming and stressed in workplace

3 Detrimental Effects Of An Unhealthy Work Environment

          In 2017, the World Health Day theme centered around mental health in the workplace. The choice of the theme may have been prompted by the results of a recent…

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a pitcher of cold water poured on glass

Why Should You Drink More Water?

The benefits of drinking more water each day are outstanding.   Drinking more water each day can help you: Eat less calories Take in less saturated fat Consume less sugar…

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pumpkin filled with halloween candies

Halloween Candy: The Best Kinds

It may have been many years since you’ve gone out trick-or-treating and you may not have children, but the following Halloween candies are much better for you. I mean, you…

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muscular bicep, flexed arm

Six High Protein Muscle Building Foods

Proteins make up a good portion of human bodies, they make up hair and nails as well as repair damaged tissues. There are also proteins used to make enzymes, hormones,…

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hot athletic woman carrying barbell in gym

Go For It With That Gym Hottie

Have you ever seen a hottie at the gym? Had her distract you from what you’re doing — ended up becoming the subject of your fantasies? Of course you have….

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hand with thumbs up coming out of jean crotch

4 Neurotransmitters Affecting Male Refractory Period

It’s amazing how far studies on human sexuality have come. Just decades ago, it would have been taboo for women, and sometimes even men, to talk about sex publicly. Now,…

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couch potato watching television

Easy Exercises for Amateurs and Couch Potatoes

If you’re like me, you do not like to work out. I have some friends who look like bodybuilders, and they seem to genuinely look forward to going to the…

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super food in bowls, berry, almond

The Best Superfoods to Keep You Healthy and Slim This Spring

Spring is already here, and the rush to get fit before beach season starts has begun. Getting to the gym more often certainly is going to help you meet your…

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